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Monday, April 29, 2013

Nahazo bike tena simba mihitsy aho

Hey dad! Great to hear from you, glad work is going well for you. It's always good not having the plant melt on your watch. You sometimes have to buy a new watch. You have melted plant all over it, it's a mess.
Wyatt didn't mention anything about birthday shopping though, he better tell me once his birthday actually rolls around. He is totally a stud! He mentioned the extemporwhatever speaking but he didn't mention the other two. He is a big boy though haha he mentioned that. He called me Elder "got all the good genes" because I am skinny and tan. But he is back home destroying competitions like there is no tomorrow. There you go I guess, I look good and he is talented. But he looks good too, so I guess I lose. Whatever, I speak Malagasy haha 

I know what you mean about priesthood meetings and needing to work harder. I get that every zone meeting and sometimes just during the week. I am working pretty hard out here, and all the time we get told, "do this better, start doing this, stop doing that" it's hard to keep up with everything really. Especially since we are basically running branches too. Like the branch president still does all the interviews and conducts and stuff but we have weekly meetings with him, the ward mission leader, and some other auxiliary leaders to help train them to do their jobs better, and we have to keep track of attendance, tithing, marriage problems, inactives, and home and visiting teaching. Oh yeah, then we teach 8 or 9 lessons every day and keep track of the people and what they need to learn and do to be baptized and when that is and deal with all the drama that working with people brings. Fun right? But we are working towards a temple here in Madagascar, so no sacrifice too great. Not to mention the whole law of consecration where I promised to give up literally everything for two years (law of consecration shout out) and go to wherever the prophet sends me and work my butt off. That rings pretty strong in my ears when I feel overworked. So yeah, life is good. Work harder and get a better looking wife right? Plus the whole eternal salvation thing. That's pretty cool too. Thank you so much for your support. I really really appreciate it. 

1) Happy or Joyful?
I am gonna say joyful. Joyful seems like the more penetrating attribute to me.
2) Is everything going ok?  Do you need anything?
Everything is going ok, I don't need anything right now, I'm all good. 
3) No good shooting stories this week, sorry.  
That's alright, I don't have any good proselyting stories
4) Spring is here!  Dead bugs on the window every day.
Are you gonna ask me a question or what? 
5) Are you moving into fall?  Is there a definite change of seasons?  Can they grow food year around there?
We are definitely moving into fall over here. It is getting cold. I wore a sweater and a sweater vest to work yesterday. Pretty chilly. And it's not even cold here yet, according to the malagasy people. The worst is yet to come. There is a definite change of seasons. It doesn't get cold enough that food doesn't grow though, so they still go strong with all their crops. Sadly, the bugs also never go away. That is why they are so plentiful. 
Did you manage to finagle one of the new bikes?
The new bikes, according to the most reliable source I have talked to, will be about two months. At which point there will be transfers too, so we will see what goes down for that. 
Tell us more about Elder Kumar.  
Elder Kumar is from Fiji, his parents are Hindu, he is a convert to the church in 2010. He is super cool, way diligent, a great missionary. His native languages are fijian and hindi, he is learning english french and malagasy, but he learned english in school so he is pretty good at it. We mix a lot of malagasy and english when we talk. It's about as easy for him to speak malagasy as it is english. So he is way cool. He is a little over a year into his mission. He is hilarious too. Never a dull moment.  He is way cool and I am excited to work with him. 
Did you get your new camera?
I did, and funny story about that actually. I bought a nicer camera, not the nicest but pretty good. Then I bought another  card and a thumb drive so I wouldn't lose all my pictures anymore. That was last monday. Then this monday we were rearranging the room because Elder Kumar didn't like the way it was. I moved my bed and in the very back corner under my bed was, you guessed it, my camera. Still in great shape. So glad he found it!! Hated to think he lost everything from February on. I am gonna keep the one I bought in my suitcase though, and keep backing up my pictures on my thumb drive. Little lessons learned the hard way. 
Did your Birthday package arrive?  There is a pen in it from Sydnee, I forgot to write that in the package.  She said she saw it and thought of you.  
I did. Sadly, it got robbed. I made a detailed list of what I got, as follows: the captain america, the pen from syd, pop rocks, mac and cheese(that all had little cuts in them, so they must have been checking for drugs or something, but everything was covered in cheese powder), candles, icing, cupcake mix, and the birthday cards. I know they took the neck tie Dang it was an awesome green one too on the packing slip and the daily notes in the pill box, Well I hope the thief enjoys my daily spiritual thoughts.  That is irony at its best.  what else is missing? In the future, please go back to putting pictures of Jesus on the envelopes and boxes, and if you write "misionera" on it then they know to watch out. Also malagasy people are predominately catholic so Mary pictures would be good too. But yeah, thank you so much for the stuff I got, it is great. You probably don't need to worry about the pop rocks any more, and I think I am going to learn to get by without mac and cheese once I'm out of this batch. Thank you so much though, your card was really nice haha and Wyatt's, well it was a nice thought. That kid has the worst handwriting ever. But yeah. Thank you. 
How is Jeremy your investigator doing?
Jeremy is doing good, we just found out he has a problem with tobacco and coffee so we are working on that with him. Other than that he is still stellar and progressing right on. 
What has been your favorite Pday activity?
We did aerobics this morning haha, like a zumba class but with six missionaries and some old ladies haha but it was way fun and a good workout. Other than that though we don't do much on p-days here. Just clean and prepare, sometimes we have time for a short nap though haha so that is nice. 
What is your favorite way to contact people?
I like helping them with stuff. Like there was this guy I saw, he was shucking corn off the cob. I sat and talked with him and helped him shuck corn and we talked about the gospel and set up a return time. It was way cool, we will teach him tomorrow. See how he is doing. Also I have shelled soy beans, husked corn, put rice in bags, carried said rice bags on my head, crushed rice in a giant pestle type thing, and swept the dirt. Pretty fun stuff. Crushing rice is my favorite. Oh and we made Ravitoto also. You just crush leaves, basically the same way you crush the rice. 
Any new food?
Not lately, but I might have curry sometime soon, since my comp is hindi.
Oh I felt really smart today thanks to your answer to Dad's question on Moses or Noah.  They asked how Moses inspired us and I basically quoted what you had said so thanks for the help.  Keep up the words of wisdom for us.  
No problem haha I am reading the old testament right now, pretty dry stuff. Lots of interesting stories actually, but it's hard to juice the spiritual stuff out of it. Pretty draining mentally. But it's good stuff. 

Love you so much mom. 
Got to watch conference this last weekend, in english even! It was so good! Elder Bednar just killed it again, cannot possibly take enough notes on that guy's talks. I loved all the talks about missionary work, and families. Lots of talk about marriages and having a good foundation for your families. Pretty cool stuff, I will have to read through it again when I am contacting for a wife instead of baptisms. I loved the one two three at the end of priesthood session of the first presidency, all three of them just drove home some amazing points. I know it's not meant for you but when the Ensign comes out you should read those ones at least. I really liked the conference this year, can't wait to read through or watch it again. Just so much great knowledge. Can't even begin to review it. Just so great. 
Way to go MLHS Choir! Killing it. I'm glad Holloway is still pushing hard and getting results. A new piano guy? Did Conner graduate? In any case, I am sure they will do great. They always do. 
Thanks for Sydnee's email, but she found me haha it looks like she sent a couple to other missionaries on accident before though haha but yeah she sent me an email. Super cool. 
I like the fireside thoughts, that sounds like a way good fireside. Yeah I am definitely getting good at counting my blessings, especially the ones I had back in America but don't have here haha like any place to buy breakfast. Malagasies just do not do breakfast. So I always either make cereal or eggs or whatever but if I am lazy I just have to suck it up, no diners or anything like that with a hotcake breakfast. 

Anyway, nothing too great other than that. Elder Kumar and me are whipping this area into shape! No one is holding us back. 

Love you mom! Can't wait until mothers day. 13 days!!!!!!
Elder Galbreath

I love you so much Dad, I hope my email wasn't too lame this week.

Elder Galbreath

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