Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for ETERNITY.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Avy ny orona! (It's raining!)

It rained this week people, and I am here to testify that nowhere in Washington or likely anywhere else in the USA does it rain like that. We were in a time an appointment and the power went out, so the lady we were teaching went to the door to see what was going on and the wind was blowing and it was pouring. The old man was snoring like no other. Nursery rhyme reference not about the investigator.  Elder McLaughlin didn't have his jacket or anything. He was sprinting down the road, me trying to catch up in my rain coat, and jumped in the back of a taxi be. There was literally nothing we could do to avoid ankle deep water, usually higher. It was pretty awesome, I won't lie. I also found out that Malagasy people hate the rain.  Then when we got home, the power was out. Dope. So we were walking around in our pajamas by candlelight cooking a family dinner and playing a card game. Way fun.  Also, my pants and shoes got soaked all the way through to my skin in the rain, but my top was nice and dry. Way cool. So glad his raincoat worked!
                                                             Candlelight dinner
                                                 Look at the tires in the water!
Then the next day I went on splits to Mahamasina, which is an area that is all mountains and hills. The rova is the center of the area. So my legs were killing me the next day, but I did get to see the big Antananarivo sign. So that was way cool.

Anyway, not much interesting happened there. But, when I got home there were two new people in our house, Elder Hansen and Elder Horn. They are way cool, and Elder Hansen just got back from Mahajanga (my new dream area) so he has some way cool stories from that. He says it is so hot there that sometimes you sweat all the way through your backpack and it gets your books wet. Super sick! I hope I can experience that kind of ridiculous heat at some point. Maybe just one point though.... I think the humidity is already getting to him. They do baptisms in the ocean there! Way cool! The only place they still do that. Anyway, they are sleeping in our living room, so that is pretty annoying because we have to leave the living room whenever they want to sleep or do studies or planning or anything.  Crazy kids. I also found out that they didn't get the stuff we left for them in the Narnia holes in the MTC, even though they were in our room. So either the cleaning people at the MTC cleaned it out or they are blind. Curse you cleaning people of the MTC! I left a lot of candy behind. Sad stuff really. But, life goes on. 

Hmm, not too much happening really. We played soccer this morning, so that was pretty fun. No Malagasys played except for the missionaries so it wasn't the kind of soccer with ridiculous amounts of passing either. Pretty cool. I actually enjoyed myself.
Anywho, I love you all a bunch! I am excited for Christmas, and for the sweet work to be done here in Madagascar! 

Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

Tell me what all you got in your package so I can figure out if you got everything.  
I got a lot of stuff, I'm sure it was everything I had to rip two Jesuses to get it open and everything was untouched. 
What did you like that was in it, so I can send more.  
Jerky was a win for sure, as was the candy. A little smashed but I don't care one bit. Chocolate is not as good here. 
What should I add next time.
I don't know, maybe less gravy though. I have a lot of gravy now haha.  The chicken noodle soup was spot on too. 
Did you share anything?
Hahahahahahahaha no. Just kidding, I share a little bit of stuff but by and large no one is going to take something from your package. They are precious here. Better than gold. 
Your two packages I send can be opened I wrapped the gifts for Christmas eve and Christmas day. 
Ok sweet I was wondering how I would get the tree out when it got here. 
Have you emailed Grandma at all?
Yeah, but I haven't heard back from them yet, I will send them another one. 
Please make sure to send a Christmas letter to Great Grandma.  
Oh good call, I will get started on that. It will be a good one. 
Some have commented on fleas.  Are you having issues?  Need flea collars for your ankles?
I haven't been having too many issues, found my first flea bites this morning though. A legitimate perfect circle around each leg, right below the top of my socks. I don't need flea collars. 
You have been using your flashlights I assume since you wanted batteries.  Would a head lamp be beneficial?
I don't think so, I like just holding it. Headlamps I think would be kind of annoying. Thank you though. 
Tell me about your mission president.  I assume you have spoken with him and did you get a picture with him?  
I don't have a picture with him, but we did get to talk. He is a very serious, straightforward guy. I like him though, he gets to the point. He is really whipping this mission into shape too. No messing around here. 
Lastly, have you guys spoken on combining your food for meals?  then you only cook one big breakfast.  That is what Dad did and what some of the missionaries here do.  
I combine with Elder Walker but everyone eats different things in the morning and it's not too big of a deal. 
Oh have you tried to make the mac and cheese.  Did it work to just send the packet?
Works like a charm. I just had to try a few kinds of noodles to find one that worked the best. I probably am not done hunting yet. 

Alright more to come! Love you!

3) These are not questions, so far.
Marina izany. (True that)
4) Mom asked about bugs.  I want to know how the new living arrangements are going?
They are going pretty good, I get up first so I don't have any problems with the shower schedule and breakfast isn't too bad either because me and Elder Walker combine our eggs and stuff in the morning and split it in the pan to put in two separate sandwiches. Yep, still having egg sandwiches for breakfast. 
5) Is there anything you want to hear about that you are not hearing about from us?  
I'm a little curious about the elections, and everyone here (including my companion) talks about Mitt Romney all the time just because he is Mormon. However, it's not too big of a deal. I loved seeing the shooting pictures though! I would love to have a copy of the one of you holding Wyatt too, like scan it in maybe instead of taking a picture of a picture still partially in the envelope haha. You guys both are looking studly in your cowboy gear too. Nice bushy moustache and some new garters I see, and bubbas new shirt looks way sharp! 
6) Are you getting mail or anything from anyone else?
I am getting consistent letters from Cami, telling me about their clan and the doings thereof, and I got a letter from Anna Smith too, which was cool. Sometimes I feel bad because it takes so long to write them back and to get them sent out and then to get to America. Pretty crazy sometimes.

Anywho, I love you! It rained a few times this week, pictures videos and stories to come!
Elder Galbreath

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fionambe! (General Conference)

I got to watch conference! It was great, and I only had to sit through one session in Malagasy so that was good. It's really hard to understand the translators. It's almost like they are speaking another language... Weird right? Anywho, David A. Bednar planted a spiritual bomb in my head and blew my mind wide open with his talk Sunday afternoon. I cannot get over that. I was trying to take notes and I couldn't keep up with everything I wanted to write down. I guess I just have to wait for the conference issue of the ensign, but they don't always come soon. The latest one in our house is fall of 2006 I believe. I will have to send him one.  So yeah. Step up men, am I right? Intense conference, Jeffrey R Holland brought it to town again, and Henry B Eyring is amazing, gets me in the heart every time! Oh man, conference took on a whole new meaning for me when I came on a mission. So good. 

I got your package! Thank you so so so so so much! It's amazing! Thank you for the alarm clock, way nicer in the mornings than the phone. The halloween stuff is great too, I'm going to decorate and drop that eyeball in some members drinks for a while ha ha I loved the mac and cheese, and the jerky, and the candy, and basically everything else. I love you guys! Yahoo, only took between 5 and  6 weeks to get there! Not sure when exactly he got it.

Oh! Christmas call can be on skype and we have a way good cyber in my area so that will be going down. Just take that into account when you are planning because I know you are. He knows us so well, it’s on Grant’s mind a lot!

Not too much exciting happening this week really, except conference. Transfer news came in last night and no one in our house is leaving, but we are getting two more people in our house, which should be interesting. Our house is pretty full as it is right now. Luckily I have started getting up at 6 so I should have a nice hot shower every morning. He really is an early bird.  I just don't know where they are gonna put their beds and stuff. Cooking breakfast should be fun too. They must not combine their food for meals.  I would think that would be easier to do.  So yeah, six guys in a two bedroom one bathroom house with four burners on the stove and only enough room in the living room for six people to sit on the couches, no beds in there. Maybe that’s where they will put the new guys?

Pretty quiet though. I learned a new card game from an Elder who didn't include me in his email and thus will not be named here (Elder Mpandeha tongotra), called Hand and Foot. Way fun! Learn it so I can whoop you when I get home. 

Alright well I love you all very much and I will send you some pictures next week for sure! Bye! 
Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

Did you find your NBA jersey?
Yes! It is way cool but I can't wear it anymore on p day so that sucks. So does this keyboard, coincidentally. 
Are you still teaching Michael?
Yes we are, although he didn't come to general conference. He can't be baptized yet though because he is going back to Anosy Be (Ah-noose-ee  bay) in January and there is no church  up there. That is sad, hopefully the church will be there soon.
How is the R family progressing?
They are dope! So cool (I see you didn't like me saying sick haha) they came to general conference this weekend and everything. Dadabe is still sick all the time so he couldn't make it though. 
Any Baptisms coming up?
December 1st is our next scheduled date and we should have about 15 people getting baptized that day. Coolest part? Bringing souls unto Christ but almost as cool is that Elder McLaughlin will most likely be gone by then so I might get to do the actual baptism! So cool!!! I'm pumped. Very excited for him!!
What did you eat at the mexican restaurant? We found the picture on facebook.  Was it anything like mexican food here?  
I had a quassidella or something, it wasn't bad though, more like tex mex than actual mexican food though, and way weaker. I think this country needs a lesson in spice. It does not all come from sakay! Sakay is like kim chee more than anything, but it's just hot, no real added flavor. They make super bland food and go "oh no it's ok because we can just add sakay to it. Wrong! I bought a big thing of sweet chili sauce though today at a store so that should be good since my cholula is gone already;  The seasoning salt is much appreciated by Elder Walker because I was stealing his before haha but now I have my own! Thank you Elder Walker for sharing!!
Tell me some more things you eat during the week?
Rice, with loaka. I make eggs a lot because they are pretty cheap, and then some rice and loaka. They eat a lot of rice here. The other day we had hamburger and potatoes on rice though, so that was good. It was way good actually, and we had bananas (so good here!) and rano pango that was pretty good. 
Do they celebrate Halloween?   
Not at all. We are having family dinners (with the whole apartment, six people soon! more on that later) on wednesday nights though so I can use the drink eyeball you sent that night. I also plan on dropping that at a few members houses, into my rano pango probably. 
I would love to see your drum and maybe a quick video of you playing.  It's quiet here sometimes.
I will see what I can do, but we are really busy haha I will get someone to write a rap about Madagascar and drum to it for you. It might be a while though, I can hardly wait, it should be fun.I will send you a picture soon of it. 
How is church on Sundays going?
I'm sure it's great but I have no idea what they are saying so I'm not sure haha the acoustics are way bad and no one here knows how to use a microphone so it's hard to understand anything they say. They talk really loud directly into the mic with it literally touching their lips.  They need lessons, he could teach them.

I hope you get your package soon.  It is taking forever. 
Yeah it did! I got it though haha so not too long. I like all the mac and cheese packets you crafty lady! Think he was being witty? The Phineas and Ferb noodles will be saved for a metaphorically and maybe literally rainy day though haha. Everything is so cool! I love all the pictures from the family, Thank you cousins our house will be decorated come Thanksgiving and Halloween. Love the jerky, that is awesome. 

Questions from Wyatt to Garrett.  Garrett tends to be very humorous with him. Thanks for sharing Wy!

1: So are you just having two discussions a week and other than that just eat sedap? Who are you teaching.
We are teaching a lot of people with very long names Wyatt, and there are a lot a lot of people. We literally do nothing but teach all day from 1 to 9. That's 8 people a day six days a week plus one on p day. The work is going strong here in Madagascar.  I think Elder Holland's talk and Elder Cook's would do them good but I doubt most of them were there. 
2: That’s awesome about general conference how did you like it?
It was great!! I loved it, especially Elder Bednar. That guy blew my mind wide open. No nonsense, just straight doctrine. Punched me right in the face. I loved Elder Eyrings talk also, as usual. That guy talks right to the heart every time 
3: So your right at home
If we are coming from town yeah, but from our area home is on the left. lol
4: So are you treated like the young wippersnapper that you are or are you feared because of your whiteness.
I am not a whippersnapper thank you very much. I am respected in the church and by a lot of other people because I am a missionary, but a lot of people are rude and racist because I am white. It's not enjoyable being a minority, I will tell you that much. Sorry I don't have a ton of time to email everyone. The big long email to dad is for everyone though, so read that. 

Sorry bro, missions are hectic and hard.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Whip it, Whip it good!

Daonarletie! That means what's up dude/hows it hangin'/dona(knuckles/bones/pound it) 

Alright, so to explain the title, President Adams is whipping this mission into shape lately. He has us wearing proselyting clothes on p day and everything. It's crazy.  But, I am looking forward to the added blessing that come with obedience so I am all over it. I think that is interesting. Although his Christmas present won’t get worn much now.  Maybe he will sleep in it.

Ok, so we taught the R family again this past week a couple times. The last time we decided we wanted to give them a book of Mormon but we were teaching the plan of salvation so we did a little stretching and gave a short overview of what the BOM is and gave it to them, then used it in the lesson. Dadabe (that means grandpa) said he would read the book until he didn't even have to look at it, or until he knew it. The phrase in Malagasy means the same thing. So that was super sick! (when did sick become his new word?)  I looked over at one point in the lesson and he had started reading in 1st Nephi and was looking up cross references in the bible and everything. I am so so so excited for this family. Bebe (grandma) came to church again this week too, and she brought all the little kids and a couple of the adults came too, Dadabe couldn't come though because he is sick about every other day with something called "being an 84 year old man in Madagascar" but he is way interested. Bebe was asking questions and answering them and everything during gospel principles class too, so that is super sick! They have a baptism date for the beginning of December too, so hopefully that works out well. 

Another guy we are teaching we found through a lame investigator, his name is Michael. We are teaching a girl named Ireny and one day our member help bailed on us so we went and said sorry we can't teach today unless there is a guy home that can sit in on the lesson. There was, and Michael was he. Michael is way sick, he plays basketball and knows the bible pretty well, but not nearly as well as he said he did haha but he is super cool! We saw him on the street between times and he says "I finished the book (the restoration pamphlet) can I have another one?" We were like heck yeah you can! So we brought a Joseph Smith story pamphlet to the next lesson and gave that to him. I bet he has read it already, we are teaching him again on Tuesday. 

Oh! A little while ago we ate at a place called Shawarma city, and they took our picture and said they would put it on facebook. So yeah, see if it is on there. I think that was my first week in country actually. 

Hmm, well I think that is it for now. I sent out a few letters to cousins and I'm constantly writing more so don't be mad if you don't get a letter from me right away haha I'm pretty backed up on those. Also this cyber isn't very good so I can't get pictures home this week, sorry Mom. 

Love you all! Read the scriptures! Especially 2 Nephi, and Alma, and Jacob was sick too. Actually just read the whole thing. Don't read it just to read it though, mark scriptures, look at cross references and footnotes, and think about what you're reading. It's amazing, the scriptures are literally a gold mine. Ok, not literally, but spiritually. 
Hey Mom! I just am gonna say that I did read all of your email, and I do every week but much like you don't reply to my emails I haven't replied to yours really haha but I guess I am ok with two packages for Christmas. Some people get like 5 or 6 so don't think you're going to be that mom either. Great, maybe I should send more.  I love you! I don't know when you sent the last one, package, either haha but I'll let you know when I get it and send pictures of the opening and everything. 
I'm glad that work is going well, one thing I have definitely learned the value of on my mission is taking notes. Even if I never look at them again, which is usually, it helps me focus on what is going on and helps me remember. I started writing out lessons and spiritual thoughts and everything in a notebook before I do them, not looking at them or even having them there in the lesson but that way I have figured out exactly what I am gonna say before I go in but I can still make changes as the spirit directs. That is hard haha, recognizing what the spirit says to teach. Love that he knows to rely on the spirit! Anyway, my point originally was good job on taking notes at work. Anywho, I have a sick story to tell you in the big letter so I'll make you wait for that one. Love you!
Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

1. The life skills thing. 
Grant asked if there were any life skills he wished we had taught him.
I don't know, I feel like you guys did a pretty dang good job of raising me. Whew! I find myself getting frustrated with people a lot, so I guess patience would have been a good thing to be better at, but I don't really blame you for that. My companion gets really irritated whenever I say anything about correcting something or asking him to do something differently, no matter how nicely I phrase it, but then he says "yeah, if I am doing something you don't like then just tell me, I can take it." so that is super frustrating. Incredibly so even. However, I know that I need to grow and learn to do things on my own, so I must have this companion for a reason. I know the lord won't give me more than I can handle, but sometimes I wish He didn't trust me so much. Mother Teresa quote there. 
Grant said-The patience thing is VERY hard. I mumble a LOT. Doesn't help, makes me feel better. I think you are smarter since you left. Garrett responded -Probably, but not through my own efforts haha I read the scriptures and pray a lot. Helps actually, sounds silly right? Who knew the prophets and apostles knew what they were talking about haha 
Since Grant works nights sometimes they "cheat" a little and happen to respond to each other’s emails.

2. I did get the family pictures attached from last week, thank you very much. However, the one of the whole family is the one I already have haha but I am gonna get the one of me and bubba printed off next week I think

Monday, October 8, 2012

Manana fanontanina ianao (he did not say what it means, again)

1) Tell me about the photos
I am trying to take one a day at least, which doesn't always happen but I only send the ones that are interesting home. Lots of boring lame pictures. 
                                          This doesn't look lame to me!
2) How are the investigators coming?
Investigators are coming pretty good, through circumstances beyond our control (agency say what?) most of them didn't come to church this Sunday. However, a new family came to church this week and they seem way interested! They are super cool, and the bebe (grandma) even listens. They usually don't. Rakotomalala is their name, way cool. Short name too, for a Malagasy family. 

3) Any fun activities going on at the house?
Not really, just sleeping mostly. We do that a lot. 

4) In the photos everything looks dirty?  Is there any grass anywhere?
The photos make it look dirty? That's really weird, nothing is dirty here. Everything is filthy. Nothing gets cleaned here except the inside of people’s houses and their clothes, and even those are left out to dry on the ground. And not really, there is very little grass anywhere, because they can't afford a lawn so any ground is either farmed or dirt. Pretty sick right? 
                          Look something green!! Rice Paddies they walk through.
5) How are your shoes holding up? They look well used already.
My shoes are champs. They get dirty every day, everywhere but they are holding up great. There is a guy here who is a year and a half in and has the same shoes as me and they are just starting to wear through the bottom. The upper still looks great though. 

6) Tell me a story.
That's not a question. I saw some puppies the other day though, and they were adorable. Pictures up. 

7) Most importantly, what is rule #3?
Rules are a lot harder to come up with than you would think haha so I don't know. I will keep you posted though. 

8) How are you doing with your personal money?    
I have pulled out I think 40 dollars so far, and that has been plenty. I figured out a new and better way to budget the money I get from the mission so I shouldn't have to do that much except for this place I found sells legit NBA jersey/short combos for 20 bucks american. Pretty sick. But I'm going to restrain myself to just a few of them. 

9) I am sure your mom is already warning you of the dangers of an all ramen diet but I am adding my 2 cents.  It is easy and good.  It is not nourishing.  You will get malnourished eating just ramen.  Also, please take extra care when cooking with raw meat.  Clean everything that it touches and wash your hands.  There isn't a USDA over there to make sure that it is bug free.  Cooking kills the bugs in the meat but not on the counters and utensils.  
I don't eat the ramen stuff that much really, just a lot those couple days. I know about cleaning too, everything gets hot water and soap and usually bleach too actually. Don't worry about me, (right, that's gonna happen) I am really doing good. 

10) Are you taking your daily pills for malaria? How about the vitamins?  Just worried about your physical health
Vitamins and malaria every day, I will not get malaria or any preventable disease! Go team pills! 
                                                Skyline and sunset.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dogged again!

Hello and manahoana America peeps. This week was full of fun and exciting adventures, so sit back and remember, keep your arms and legs attached to your body at all times. 

So, Friday is where I'll start. Friday morning during our study time we got a call from one of our times times must be an appointment saying that they couldn't do it that day, but they rescheduled so it wasn't a huge deal. Then we went out to go to work and our first time dogged us, I don't think she is very serious because she does that every time. So we went tracting and found a guy we hadn't gotten ahold of a couple days earlier so we taught him and one of his daughters. Then we went to our next time, and he wasn't in. We couldn't find him but he called us later and rescheduled. So we just went to our next time, a recent convert and taught about enduring to the end. A member from the ward was supposed to meet us there and go with us the rest of the day, but he didn't show up. Then we went and taught the relative of V, I think her cousin or something. The whole family was all members and the whole time they wouldn't stop talking about baptism and how excited they are for her and blah blah blah and about halfway through the lesson she said she would be right back and promptly left. We waited a half hour before we gave up. She didn't come back. Then we got a call saying that another time couldn't do it. So we were pretty discouraged, and our member help didn't show up. But, we had a suare (dinner appointment) so we were still happy about that, and we even made brownies to take. We got there and they gave us some crackers on a plate and a small glass of fanta.  But whatever, I went home and made Sedaap. Delicious as always. 
Saturday morning we were excited because there was a service project in the morning at the church with the young men. So we showed up at nine, and there was no one there. Malagasies are notoriously late, so we weren't too concerned. Then at about 9:45 there was still no one there. Not even the leaders. The leaders didn't show up for their own activity.  We talked to the young mens president and he said he didn't go because he didn't think anyone else would. He was right, but that's still a pretty terrible attitude. Then we went out and taught a few lessons, one to be exact. Two times in a row didn't show up. Then we taught a lady who is way cool! About ten people in the room, all listening so intently to me explain the plan of salvation. Dadabe (grandpa) is way cool, and way mahay at the scriptures! He has read the bible like a million times, and he likes our lessons. He doesn't go to church because he says they aren't going with the bible. I don't think he has a problem with the book of mormon either. So I am way pumped for that! Then we went to go to a dinner with a member family. Always good food when we go there. Unfortunately, they weren't home. So we had to go home and have, you guessed it, sedaap. Good stuff, but it gets old when it's two meals a day of the stuff. Next letter to him will be about how eating this too much is not healthy. Then Sunday we went to church, which went really well from what I understood, which isn't much. I guess the Bishop was tearing people up (so to speak) for not doing their duties and helping the missionaries. Awesome, and exactly what they need. Most places need a call to repentance, Madagascar needs a call to arms. Goes very well with David A Bednar's talk from this April I believe. Look it up, it's sick. Speaking of him, when he talks you make sure to listen. He doesn't really stand out as far as voice or intensity like Holland and Uchtdorf, but if you listen to what he says you will feel the spirit. I promise you that. Anywho, Sunday our first time bailed on us, they were at a concert. So we went tracting for a little while, and then our next time called and bailed on us too. So we tracted and contacted people until six when we went and taught F and his family. The Lord is blessing us with them right now, they are so excited to learn, they are coming to church, and he wants to get baptized  I am excited for them, and they are taking to heart everything we teach them. Sunday night was interesting, we taught this lady who helped translate the Book of Mormon into Malagasy. She went inactive though, so we are trying to get her to come to church. She doesn't listen to a thing we say. She knows she has no reason for not coming, and she knows that the church she is going to isn't true, she said so herself, but she won't come back. The only reason we go at all is because it's our ward mission leader's mom. We really like him, his name is M. Oh the life of a missionary.

Alright, so here they have something called rano pango. It's burnt rice water, I don't know if I have told you about it before. They cook their rice in pots over a fire, and they always burn it on the bottom. So they add water to the burnt rice, and boil it, then they drink that. It's not very good, it just tastes like dirty rice. But they love it. They also have a thing called ronono soja. It's like soy milk, but they heat it up. I don't know if it's different from there, because I never drank soy milk before that. But it is friggin' delicious! I bought a liter and a half of it, and I heat it up with my breakfast in the morning. So good. They sell it on the street for a hundred ariary a glass, that's a nickel american. Then you can get mofo (pronounced moof) balls and some cutlasses at another street vendor and for a buck you have a very wonderful little snack. I could get so fat on cutlasses and mofo balls. 

Life rule for Madagascar 2: Eat street food, it's delicious. 
                                                Sweet breads from a street vendor

1) How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?
Our investigators are going pretty good, after the baptism we don't have anyone getting baptized until like December. We are teaching a lady named O right now, she is super cool. Way diligent, and all her kids are members so she knows all about the church. Her husband just wouldn't let her join the church before. Luckily for her soul, they are splitting up so she is learning now! She is super super cool and loves the gospel. Unfortunately the rule is that you have to come to church for two months before you can be baptized. So we are just teaching and waiting. 
2) You said you had pasta there.  Did that mean macaroni noodles too?
Yeah there are macaroni noodles to be had, but cheese is a joke here. It's either ridiculously expensive or it's just rotten milk that they mold into a circle. We call it butt cheese. 
3) Loved your story any other funny happenings?
Nothing too funny this week really, although McLaughlin fell on his butt in the apartment the other day. We were throwing darts and he did really bad so he ran up to kick the wall or something and his slippers slipped on the floor and he hit the ground hard. I almost cried I laughed so hard. 
4) It is turning into sweatshirt weather here.  Is the rain starting there yet?  Spring time right?
It rained a little one day, but it's mostly just sweat your brains out weather right now. I am packing my rain jacket though because supposedly the rainy season starts sometime this month. 
5) Any scriptures speak to you this week?
Um, I read the parable of the vineyard again. Still don't understand it enough to write anything about it. That stuff is deep. I did read King Benjamin's address though. That is such an amazing speech. It's almost exactly like a general conference. 
6) What are you doing today?
Well, today we are going to Analakely to find my Durant jersey that we couldn't track down last time, then we are going to go to lunch somewhere, then going grocery shopping, maybe heading to the office but probably not, then back home and off to work. Should be pretty fun. I think I'm gonna buy some bread or something to snack on at the episcerie across from here until lunch. 
Love you! Life story to come. 
Dads questions
1) What is the life rule number 2 for your mission?
Hmm. They are a lot harder to come up with than you would think. I will ponder on it and get it on the end of my life story letter. 
2)Tell me more about what is it like when you walk around.  Do the people just stop and stare?  You mentioned that the kids are rude.
It's not usually that bad, but everyone says bonjour to us because they assume we are french and they call us faza because we are white. It gets pretty annoying but I deal. Lots of people stare, especially on the taxi be rides, and I usually just stare back. Pretty funny to me, like saying fromage for pictures. They don't get it but I laugh every time. Everyone wants to sell us stuff, but no one wants to be nice to us. A lady last week in Analakely was helping McLaughlin find some pants and in the process said that Joseph Smith "tentena foana" which means empty words, or basically that he was full of crap. I just looked at her like are you serious? But the people here just don't understand that they shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them. That's why no countries are helping them right now. France helped them out at the beginning and they kicked them out of the country. France also used this place as a toilet but that's another story. Then the last president was working with South Africa, England, and America to get help and the country was starting to go places. Then the new guy bought up a small army and overthrew the government. Now, because he broke the  law, no one is helping them out and the country is sinking deeper and deeper into their own poo river. Just ridiculous. 
3) Anything else you care to share with me?  Is there anything I can do for you?
Um, I don't think so. I would really appreciate some family pictures, just email them to me and I can put them on my card and get them printed off for like 15 cents a picture. It's super cheap and I can see my family more! haha I only have one picture of all of us. Other than that no, but I didn't get an email from Wyatt about how homecoming went so I don't know whats up with that.

One more thing real quick, I guess for the Christmas package to be sure to get here in time you should send them now, or very soon. I promise to even wait until Christmas morning to open it. Love you! Email me pictures!

                  This is Leon, a kid he really likes.  He said his shirt was filthy after this though.