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Monday, October 29, 2012

Avy ny orona! (It's raining!)

It rained this week people, and I am here to testify that nowhere in Washington or likely anywhere else in the USA does it rain like that. We were in a time an appointment and the power went out, so the lady we were teaching went to the door to see what was going on and the wind was blowing and it was pouring. The old man was snoring like no other. Nursery rhyme reference not about the investigator.  Elder McLaughlin didn't have his jacket or anything. He was sprinting down the road, me trying to catch up in my rain coat, and jumped in the back of a taxi be. There was literally nothing we could do to avoid ankle deep water, usually higher. It was pretty awesome, I won't lie. I also found out that Malagasy people hate the rain.  Then when we got home, the power was out. Dope. So we were walking around in our pajamas by candlelight cooking a family dinner and playing a card game. Way fun.  Also, my pants and shoes got soaked all the way through to my skin in the rain, but my top was nice and dry. Way cool. So glad his raincoat worked!
                                                             Candlelight dinner
                                                 Look at the tires in the water!
Then the next day I went on splits to Mahamasina, which is an area that is all mountains and hills. The rova is the center of the area. So my legs were killing me the next day, but I did get to see the big Antananarivo sign. So that was way cool.

Anyway, not much interesting happened there. But, when I got home there were two new people in our house, Elder Hansen and Elder Horn. They are way cool, and Elder Hansen just got back from Mahajanga (my new dream area) so he has some way cool stories from that. He says it is so hot there that sometimes you sweat all the way through your backpack and it gets your books wet. Super sick! I hope I can experience that kind of ridiculous heat at some point. Maybe just one point though.... I think the humidity is already getting to him. They do baptisms in the ocean there! Way cool! The only place they still do that. Anyway, they are sleeping in our living room, so that is pretty annoying because we have to leave the living room whenever they want to sleep or do studies or planning or anything.  Crazy kids. I also found out that they didn't get the stuff we left for them in the Narnia holes in the MTC, even though they were in our room. So either the cleaning people at the MTC cleaned it out or they are blind. Curse you cleaning people of the MTC! I left a lot of candy behind. Sad stuff really. But, life goes on. 

Hmm, not too much happening really. We played soccer this morning, so that was pretty fun. No Malagasys played except for the missionaries so it wasn't the kind of soccer with ridiculous amounts of passing either. Pretty cool. I actually enjoyed myself.
Anywho, I love you all a bunch! I am excited for Christmas, and for the sweet work to be done here in Madagascar! 

Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

Tell me what all you got in your package so I can figure out if you got everything.  
I got a lot of stuff, I'm sure it was everything I had to rip two Jesuses to get it open and everything was untouched. 
What did you like that was in it, so I can send more.  
Jerky was a win for sure, as was the candy. A little smashed but I don't care one bit. Chocolate is not as good here. 
What should I add next time.
I don't know, maybe less gravy though. I have a lot of gravy now haha.  The chicken noodle soup was spot on too. 
Did you share anything?
Hahahahahahahaha no. Just kidding, I share a little bit of stuff but by and large no one is going to take something from your package. They are precious here. Better than gold. 
Your two packages I send can be opened I wrapped the gifts for Christmas eve and Christmas day. 
Ok sweet I was wondering how I would get the tree out when it got here. 
Have you emailed Grandma at all?
Yeah, but I haven't heard back from them yet, I will send them another one. 
Please make sure to send a Christmas letter to Great Grandma.  
Oh good call, I will get started on that. It will be a good one. 
Some have commented on fleas.  Are you having issues?  Need flea collars for your ankles?
I haven't been having too many issues, found my first flea bites this morning though. A legitimate perfect circle around each leg, right below the top of my socks. I don't need flea collars. 
You have been using your flashlights I assume since you wanted batteries.  Would a head lamp be beneficial?
I don't think so, I like just holding it. Headlamps I think would be kind of annoying. Thank you though. 
Tell me about your mission president.  I assume you have spoken with him and did you get a picture with him?  
I don't have a picture with him, but we did get to talk. He is a very serious, straightforward guy. I like him though, he gets to the point. He is really whipping this mission into shape too. No messing around here. 
Lastly, have you guys spoken on combining your food for meals?  then you only cook one big breakfast.  That is what Dad did and what some of the missionaries here do.  
I combine with Elder Walker but everyone eats different things in the morning and it's not too big of a deal. 
Oh have you tried to make the mac and cheese.  Did it work to just send the packet?
Works like a charm. I just had to try a few kinds of noodles to find one that worked the best. I probably am not done hunting yet. 

Alright more to come! Love you!

3) These are not questions, so far.
Marina izany. (True that)
4) Mom asked about bugs.  I want to know how the new living arrangements are going?
They are going pretty good, I get up first so I don't have any problems with the shower schedule and breakfast isn't too bad either because me and Elder Walker combine our eggs and stuff in the morning and split it in the pan to put in two separate sandwiches. Yep, still having egg sandwiches for breakfast. 
5) Is there anything you want to hear about that you are not hearing about from us?  
I'm a little curious about the elections, and everyone here (including my companion) talks about Mitt Romney all the time just because he is Mormon. However, it's not too big of a deal. I loved seeing the shooting pictures though! I would love to have a copy of the one of you holding Wyatt too, like scan it in maybe instead of taking a picture of a picture still partially in the envelope haha. You guys both are looking studly in your cowboy gear too. Nice bushy moustache and some new garters I see, and bubbas new shirt looks way sharp! 
6) Are you getting mail or anything from anyone else?
I am getting consistent letters from Cami, telling me about their clan and the doings thereof, and I got a letter from Anna Smith too, which was cool. Sometimes I feel bad because it takes so long to write them back and to get them sent out and then to get to America. Pretty crazy sometimes.

Anywho, I love you! It rained a few times this week, pictures videos and stories to come!
Elder Galbreath

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