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Monday, October 8, 2012

Manana fanontanina ianao (he did not say what it means, again)

1) Tell me about the photos
I am trying to take one a day at least, which doesn't always happen but I only send the ones that are interesting home. Lots of boring lame pictures. 
                                          This doesn't look lame to me!
2) How are the investigators coming?
Investigators are coming pretty good, through circumstances beyond our control (agency say what?) most of them didn't come to church this Sunday. However, a new family came to church this week and they seem way interested! They are super cool, and the bebe (grandma) even listens. They usually don't. Rakotomalala is their name, way cool. Short name too, for a Malagasy family. 

3) Any fun activities going on at the house?
Not really, just sleeping mostly. We do that a lot. 

4) In the photos everything looks dirty?  Is there any grass anywhere?
The photos make it look dirty? That's really weird, nothing is dirty here. Everything is filthy. Nothing gets cleaned here except the inside of people’s houses and their clothes, and even those are left out to dry on the ground. And not really, there is very little grass anywhere, because they can't afford a lawn so any ground is either farmed or dirt. Pretty sick right? 
                          Look something green!! Rice Paddies they walk through.
5) How are your shoes holding up? They look well used already.
My shoes are champs. They get dirty every day, everywhere but they are holding up great. There is a guy here who is a year and a half in and has the same shoes as me and they are just starting to wear through the bottom. The upper still looks great though. 

6) Tell me a story.
That's not a question. I saw some puppies the other day though, and they were adorable. Pictures up. 

7) Most importantly, what is rule #3?
Rules are a lot harder to come up with than you would think haha so I don't know. I will keep you posted though. 

8) How are you doing with your personal money?    
I have pulled out I think 40 dollars so far, and that has been plenty. I figured out a new and better way to budget the money I get from the mission so I shouldn't have to do that much except for this place I found sells legit NBA jersey/short combos for 20 bucks american. Pretty sick. But I'm going to restrain myself to just a few of them. 

9) I am sure your mom is already warning you of the dangers of an all ramen diet but I am adding my 2 cents.  It is easy and good.  It is not nourishing.  You will get malnourished eating just ramen.  Also, please take extra care when cooking with raw meat.  Clean everything that it touches and wash your hands.  There isn't a USDA over there to make sure that it is bug free.  Cooking kills the bugs in the meat but not on the counters and utensils.  
I don't eat the ramen stuff that much really, just a lot those couple days. I know about cleaning too, everything gets hot water and soap and usually bleach too actually. Don't worry about me, (right, that's gonna happen) I am really doing good. 

10) Are you taking your daily pills for malaria? How about the vitamins?  Just worried about your physical health
Vitamins and malaria every day, I will not get malaria or any preventable disease! Go team pills! 
                                                Skyline and sunset.

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