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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fionambe! (General Conference)

I got to watch conference! It was great, and I only had to sit through one session in Malagasy so that was good. It's really hard to understand the translators. It's almost like they are speaking another language... Weird right? Anywho, David A. Bednar planted a spiritual bomb in my head and blew my mind wide open with his talk Sunday afternoon. I cannot get over that. I was trying to take notes and I couldn't keep up with everything I wanted to write down. I guess I just have to wait for the conference issue of the ensign, but they don't always come soon. The latest one in our house is fall of 2006 I believe. I will have to send him one.  So yeah. Step up men, am I right? Intense conference, Jeffrey R Holland brought it to town again, and Henry B Eyring is amazing, gets me in the heart every time! Oh man, conference took on a whole new meaning for me when I came on a mission. So good. 

I got your package! Thank you so so so so so much! It's amazing! Thank you for the alarm clock, way nicer in the mornings than the phone. The halloween stuff is great too, I'm going to decorate and drop that eyeball in some members drinks for a while ha ha I loved the mac and cheese, and the jerky, and the candy, and basically everything else. I love you guys! Yahoo, only took between 5 and  6 weeks to get there! Not sure when exactly he got it.

Oh! Christmas call can be on skype and we have a way good cyber in my area so that will be going down. Just take that into account when you are planning because I know you are. He knows us so well, it’s on Grant’s mind a lot!

Not too much exciting happening this week really, except conference. Transfer news came in last night and no one in our house is leaving, but we are getting two more people in our house, which should be interesting. Our house is pretty full as it is right now. Luckily I have started getting up at 6 so I should have a nice hot shower every morning. He really is an early bird.  I just don't know where they are gonna put their beds and stuff. Cooking breakfast should be fun too. They must not combine their food for meals.  I would think that would be easier to do.  So yeah, six guys in a two bedroom one bathroom house with four burners on the stove and only enough room in the living room for six people to sit on the couches, no beds in there. Maybe that’s where they will put the new guys?

Pretty quiet though. I learned a new card game from an Elder who didn't include me in his email and thus will not be named here (Elder Mpandeha tongotra), called Hand and Foot. Way fun! Learn it so I can whoop you when I get home. 

Alright well I love you all very much and I will send you some pictures next week for sure! Bye! 
Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

Did you find your NBA jersey?
Yes! It is way cool but I can't wear it anymore on p day so that sucks. So does this keyboard, coincidentally. 
Are you still teaching Michael?
Yes we are, although he didn't come to general conference. He can't be baptized yet though because he is going back to Anosy Be (Ah-noose-ee  bay) in January and there is no church  up there. That is sad, hopefully the church will be there soon.
How is the R family progressing?
They are dope! So cool (I see you didn't like me saying sick haha) they came to general conference this weekend and everything. Dadabe is still sick all the time so he couldn't make it though. 
Any Baptisms coming up?
December 1st is our next scheduled date and we should have about 15 people getting baptized that day. Coolest part? Bringing souls unto Christ but almost as cool is that Elder McLaughlin will most likely be gone by then so I might get to do the actual baptism! So cool!!! I'm pumped. Very excited for him!!
What did you eat at the mexican restaurant? We found the picture on facebook.  Was it anything like mexican food here?  
I had a quassidella or something, it wasn't bad though, more like tex mex than actual mexican food though, and way weaker. I think this country needs a lesson in spice. It does not all come from sakay! Sakay is like kim chee more than anything, but it's just hot, no real added flavor. They make super bland food and go "oh no it's ok because we can just add sakay to it. Wrong! I bought a big thing of sweet chili sauce though today at a store so that should be good since my cholula is gone already;  The seasoning salt is much appreciated by Elder Walker because I was stealing his before haha but now I have my own! Thank you Elder Walker for sharing!!
Tell me some more things you eat during the week?
Rice, with loaka. I make eggs a lot because they are pretty cheap, and then some rice and loaka. They eat a lot of rice here. The other day we had hamburger and potatoes on rice though, so that was good. It was way good actually, and we had bananas (so good here!) and rano pango that was pretty good. 
Do they celebrate Halloween?   
Not at all. We are having family dinners (with the whole apartment, six people soon! more on that later) on wednesday nights though so I can use the drink eyeball you sent that night. I also plan on dropping that at a few members houses, into my rano pango probably. 
I would love to see your drum and maybe a quick video of you playing.  It's quiet here sometimes.
I will see what I can do, but we are really busy haha I will get someone to write a rap about Madagascar and drum to it for you. It might be a while though, I can hardly wait, it should be fun.I will send you a picture soon of it. 
How is church on Sundays going?
I'm sure it's great but I have no idea what they are saying so I'm not sure haha the acoustics are way bad and no one here knows how to use a microphone so it's hard to understand anything they say. They talk really loud directly into the mic with it literally touching their lips.  They need lessons, he could teach them.

I hope you get your package soon.  It is taking forever. 
Yeah it did! I got it though haha so not too long. I like all the mac and cheese packets you crafty lady! Think he was being witty? The Phineas and Ferb noodles will be saved for a metaphorically and maybe literally rainy day though haha. Everything is so cool! I love all the pictures from the family, Thank you cousins our house will be decorated come Thanksgiving and Halloween. Love the jerky, that is awesome. 

Questions from Wyatt to Garrett.  Garrett tends to be very humorous with him. Thanks for sharing Wy!

1: So are you just having two discussions a week and other than that just eat sedap? Who are you teaching.
We are teaching a lot of people with very long names Wyatt, and there are a lot a lot of people. We literally do nothing but teach all day from 1 to 9. That's 8 people a day six days a week plus one on p day. The work is going strong here in Madagascar.  I think Elder Holland's talk and Elder Cook's would do them good but I doubt most of them were there. 
2: That’s awesome about general conference how did you like it?
It was great!! I loved it, especially Elder Bednar. That guy blew my mind wide open. No nonsense, just straight doctrine. Punched me right in the face. I loved Elder Eyrings talk also, as usual. That guy talks right to the heart every time 
3: So your right at home
If we are coming from town yeah, but from our area home is on the left. lol
4: So are you treated like the young wippersnapper that you are or are you feared because of your whiteness.
I am not a whippersnapper thank you very much. I am respected in the church and by a lot of other people because I am a missionary, but a lot of people are rude and racist because I am white. It's not enjoyable being a minority, I will tell you that much. Sorry I don't have a ton of time to email everyone. The big long email to dad is for everyone though, so read that. 

Sorry bro, missions are hectic and hard.

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