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Monday, October 15, 2012

Whip it, Whip it good!

Daonarletie! That means what's up dude/hows it hangin'/dona(knuckles/bones/pound it) 

Alright, so to explain the title, President Adams is whipping this mission into shape lately. He has us wearing proselyting clothes on p day and everything. It's crazy.  But, I am looking forward to the added blessing that come with obedience so I am all over it. I think that is interesting. Although his Christmas present won’t get worn much now.  Maybe he will sleep in it.

Ok, so we taught the R family again this past week a couple times. The last time we decided we wanted to give them a book of Mormon but we were teaching the plan of salvation so we did a little stretching and gave a short overview of what the BOM is and gave it to them, then used it in the lesson. Dadabe (that means grandpa) said he would read the book until he didn't even have to look at it, or until he knew it. The phrase in Malagasy means the same thing. So that was super sick! (when did sick become his new word?)  I looked over at one point in the lesson and he had started reading in 1st Nephi and was looking up cross references in the bible and everything. I am so so so excited for this family. Bebe (grandma) came to church again this week too, and she brought all the little kids and a couple of the adults came too, Dadabe couldn't come though because he is sick about every other day with something called "being an 84 year old man in Madagascar" but he is way interested. Bebe was asking questions and answering them and everything during gospel principles class too, so that is super sick! They have a baptism date for the beginning of December too, so hopefully that works out well. 

Another guy we are teaching we found through a lame investigator, his name is Michael. We are teaching a girl named Ireny and one day our member help bailed on us so we went and said sorry we can't teach today unless there is a guy home that can sit in on the lesson. There was, and Michael was he. Michael is way sick, he plays basketball and knows the bible pretty well, but not nearly as well as he said he did haha but he is super cool! We saw him on the street between times and he says "I finished the book (the restoration pamphlet) can I have another one?" We were like heck yeah you can! So we brought a Joseph Smith story pamphlet to the next lesson and gave that to him. I bet he has read it already, we are teaching him again on Tuesday. 

Oh! A little while ago we ate at a place called Shawarma city, and they took our picture and said they would put it on facebook. So yeah, see if it is on there. I think that was my first week in country actually. 

Hmm, well I think that is it for now. I sent out a few letters to cousins and I'm constantly writing more so don't be mad if you don't get a letter from me right away haha I'm pretty backed up on those. Also this cyber isn't very good so I can't get pictures home this week, sorry Mom. 

Love you all! Read the scriptures! Especially 2 Nephi, and Alma, and Jacob was sick too. Actually just read the whole thing. Don't read it just to read it though, mark scriptures, look at cross references and footnotes, and think about what you're reading. It's amazing, the scriptures are literally a gold mine. Ok, not literally, but spiritually. 
Hey Mom! I just am gonna say that I did read all of your email, and I do every week but much like you don't reply to my emails I haven't replied to yours really haha but I guess I am ok with two packages for Christmas. Some people get like 5 or 6 so don't think you're going to be that mom either. Great, maybe I should send more.  I love you! I don't know when you sent the last one, package, either haha but I'll let you know when I get it and send pictures of the opening and everything. 
I'm glad that work is going well, one thing I have definitely learned the value of on my mission is taking notes. Even if I never look at them again, which is usually, it helps me focus on what is going on and helps me remember. I started writing out lessons and spiritual thoughts and everything in a notebook before I do them, not looking at them or even having them there in the lesson but that way I have figured out exactly what I am gonna say before I go in but I can still make changes as the spirit directs. That is hard haha, recognizing what the spirit says to teach. Love that he knows to rely on the spirit! Anyway, my point originally was good job on taking notes at work. Anywho, I have a sick story to tell you in the big letter so I'll make you wait for that one. Love you!
Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

1. The life skills thing. 
Grant asked if there were any life skills he wished we had taught him.
I don't know, I feel like you guys did a pretty dang good job of raising me. Whew! I find myself getting frustrated with people a lot, so I guess patience would have been a good thing to be better at, but I don't really blame you for that. My companion gets really irritated whenever I say anything about correcting something or asking him to do something differently, no matter how nicely I phrase it, but then he says "yeah, if I am doing something you don't like then just tell me, I can take it." so that is super frustrating. Incredibly so even. However, I know that I need to grow and learn to do things on my own, so I must have this companion for a reason. I know the lord won't give me more than I can handle, but sometimes I wish He didn't trust me so much. Mother Teresa quote there. 
Grant said-The patience thing is VERY hard. I mumble a LOT. Doesn't help, makes me feel better. I think you are smarter since you left. Garrett responded -Probably, but not through my own efforts haha I read the scriptures and pray a lot. Helps actually, sounds silly right? Who knew the prophets and apostles knew what they were talking about haha 
Since Grant works nights sometimes they "cheat" a little and happen to respond to each other’s emails.

2. I did get the family pictures attached from last week, thank you very much. However, the one of the whole family is the one I already have haha but I am gonna get the one of me and bubba printed off next week I think

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