Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for ETERNITY.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh boy!!

Well, first things first I am getting transferred. I am going to go to Antsirabe, the coldest province. My area will be Mahazoarivo, which means "receive a thousand" so hopefully that's the number of investigators or baptisms or people at church or something. Or Malagasy words I will learn, because my comp is Elder Rakotoniaina. He's Malagasy, and doesn't speak much English. I guess it gets super cold there in the winter, like frost on the windows and everything. But I guess the food is really good there so that's a bonus. My english is only going to go downhill from here all Malagasy next week. During the day anyway.  I will also be riding bikes. So, pray for me. I think I can handle it. It will be interesting.  Please pray for him, he has not ridden since he was hit.

So, just one real good story from this week.  Actually two for you. First story. Safidy, the kid that I taught every lesson, picked me to do his baptism. Super cool. We got all his baptism information and everything ready, did a practice baptism interview and he is super ready. So his baptism is in two weeks because of a big primary activity this Saturday. So, yesterday after our time I told him I was probably leaving this transfer so I wouldn't be able to do his baptism if I left. The kid starts crying. I felt so bad. I felt the love man, I felt the love. I almost started crying. It was a bad deal, but I gave him some skittles and pop rocks and he was alright after that. So Elder Seifert will be doing his baptism. 
Story number two. We ran into this guy while we were tracting that said he didn't believe in the ten commandments. We were just like, while that's in the bible, do you believe in the bible? He said no. But, he goes to church. His church is called "Mpandrava ny didy folo" which means "destroyers of the ten commandments" So apostate! He said the bible is only for the jews, not for Americans or French or Malagasies or anyone else. Just the Jews. So that was interesting. Then he told us he wanted to fight ideas so we should come back. We will not be going back.
One more, We were helping Ampitatafika teach english at a school on friday and they fed us lunch afterwards. They had some sakay, which is just a really spicy thing that is sometimes sauce and sometimes like peppers but soaked in stuff. No matter what it is, a small piece, we are talking tip of a fork, is enough to heat up a whole plate of rice. Elder Mitchell looks at the plate of sakay and says "what would you give me to eat that?" I said ten thousand ariary. He immediately decided it was worth it. He stuck it in his mouth, a huge spoonful (like a soup serving spoon) and chewed it for five seconds and swallowed. He almost puked. It was hilarious. Then he chugged three liters of pump (read as unfiltered) water trying to make it go away. It didn't work. He ate a handful of tums and that helped but essentially he just put up with it. Nice right? 

1) Which of the 10 beatitudes would you apply to your life now to work on?
I would be lying if I said I could tell you what all of those are, but I think humble is one of them so I might just go with that. My pride gets in my way a lot, especially with companions. If bold was one I might pick that one too. I am pretty conservative in Malagasy. I don't get quite as witty, and I am trying to work on being more confident when I speak Malagasy. 
2) We, of course, are excited about transfer news. Does any of it affect you?
Oh boy did it. See above
3) Eggs- fried or scrambled?
Scrambled every time! I mix three eggs together with milk and seasoning salt and scramble those bad boys up, put it on some bread and call that a breakfast, because it is one. 
What do you guys sings for Hymns, Do you have a piano, Are all the hymns translated, do you have a go to hymn to sing?
We do have a piano, we sing quite a few in malagasy, but they use the french hymns alot because there are only 100 hymns in Malagasy . We sing how firm a foundation alot, and God be with you till we meet again, but in malagasy it says "let God be around you" so you can sing it whenever. 
What was the best thing you ate this week?
Hmm, I had some chicken and veggie sauce with rice a few days ago so that was pretty delicious. 
How is teaching going?
Teaching is going pretty good, I sometimes still get caught up in what I am trying to say, but most of the time I am good. 

I am glad the Daddy daughter dance went well, it sounds like a smashing success. 

Love the picture of Dad and bubba. It's great. Classic bubba pic. 

I heard a speaker talk about what have you given up for the Gospel, and told him I know he has given up so much right now. Giving stuff up. No kidding. Like English, heating and air, and having my feet on the bed while I sleep. Forget that, it never happens. Or reliable electricity/water. Both those are pretty choppy. Couldn't remember the word for that in English. Tapitapika. 

Love you, 
Elder Galbreath

P.S. Found the perfect scripture for you, Proverbs 20:29. You're beautiful.
                                          Thanks Elder Austin, I borrowed this photo from him!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday!

1) We have noticed that your emails are coming quite a bit later in the day and seem quite a bit shorter than in the past.  Are you just too busy?
We started emailing at the end of the day in our area instead of at the beginning of the day so that's why they are coming later, and we have been pretty busy. Elder McLaughlin liked really calm p-days and Elder Seifert likes to do a lot of stuff with a lot of people so I am just kind of going along with whatever. As for the length, everything is just kind of seeming routine lately. Also I have been telling all my cool stories to Wyatt but I don't think he reads my emails so I am gonna stop doing that. 
2) I saw pictures from Schwarma City on facebook the other day.  Have you been able to go back there?
No, we haven't gone back yet. It wasn't great, it's in a sketchy part of town so we don't go very often over there, and I kinda forgot how to get there. But, I will try to get back sometime. 
3) We are putting together the next envelope package.  We are making sure you get pepperoni sticks and arch supports.  Is there anything else you would like in there?  
 Haha Um, I don't know really, that should be good. I still have a ton of candy from v-day. Maybe a list of birthdays and whatnot of family people? Thank you so much.
The slim sound like quite a bit of fun. I miss shooting quite a bit, can't wait to get back home and suck really bad and then start getting better again. The T key on this keyboard really sucks. 
Good call on the line upon line talk. I like to think that it is partially for our benefit we don't learn all at once, because think how fast your brain would explode if the first time you asked you understood everything about resurrection and the plan of salvation. Or going to the temple. Or even reading the book of mormon. Or the old testament. Holy Cow. I think the other part is for the building of our faith. If we got our answers right away every time how much faith would that take? I'll tell you, little to none. 
In other news, this cyber blows. Elder Seifert still has not been able to load his email. Transfers are next week so probably on p-day I will be able to tell you what's going down. There is a spot hopefully opening up in Mahajanga so that would be sweet! And maybe Ft. Dauphin, those are the two dream areas. Plus there is a new group of English speaking kids coming in, so that will be fun, Seifert might be training again. It's even ever-so-slightly possible that I might train. But then I would be here for upwards of three more months, so I am hoping that is not so. 
Anywho, S apparently changed his mind on who he wants to do his baptism so if I don't leave this transfer I will get to do that, so that is really cool. One upside to not leaving asap.
Also the mouse on this computer just went dead. So that's good. 
Alright Dad well I love you but I am gonna write mom her birthday email now. 
Mom, They just use the French word for happy birthday  so it doesn't exist in malagasy. Otherwise I would write it in malagasy.
So the news for the week is that Kyndra Herd is engaged to Riley Roylance.  
That is so weird. I'm glad that she has found a husband and they are happy together and all those other things.
Over 800 sisters went into the MTC last week!
800 girls is a lot. And you are right, they will be getting home not long after me. 
My language is coming along pretty well, I understand almost everything people say, and I can hold a decent conversation with most people I see. I am working on teaching now. Getting a form down so I can teach lessons clearly by myself, or at least lead them. It's pretty frustrating trying to recover from a botched beginning of a lesson, especially when it's you that botched it. 
It rains most days, but usually just at night. So that is nice, there have been a few nights where it starts raining really hard right as we get home so that has been close.
Sorry, this cyber is really slow so I have to call that good for today. I love you! Happy birthday again!
Love you,
Elder Galbreath

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey there you!

I guess you learned on a lift in a very cold situation that a cool head prevails right? haha a lift would have been nice last week, ask Wyatt about my dresser moving experience. I don't really have too much to talk about this week, sorry this is going to be a lame email. 
Just a couple things I would like, maybe a year calendar, like one of those single sheet things, with all the family birthdays on it? That would be nice. Days tend to get away from me out here. I am gonna have to write down in my planner which day to tell mom happy birthday, I think next monday will be the closest to her birthday? I am not sure really. 
Also maybe some arch supports? We walk here and apparently my arches are abnormally high, so my feet hurt towards the end of the week most times. That would be nice, my shoes are a 46 european I am not sure what that is in amurka. Thanks Dad. 
So, I really don't have anything interesting. Oh, except this. So we teach this kid, 9 years old, mom is a member and Dad is long gone. Way cool kid, and I have taught him every single lesson. Every single one. I don't think he even knows Elder Seifert's name. So last lesson we were teaching him and getting him ready for his upcoming bap interview, and his mom asked who would do it. We told them they got to pick, so she looked at him and he says "this guy!" and grabs, you guessed it, Elder Seifert.
Next transfer new kids come in speaking english so that will be nice. 
Does Connor move every transfer? That seems weird, but it's not unheard of, so whatever. 
I am glad Adam is doing well, he is a good kid when he tries hard enough haha I kind of miss seeing him around. Actually I miss seeing anyone around. 
I got the valentines package today! Last week there was a huge storm that kept the ships away from Mada so that might be why you were a week early on asking. The Christmas cards were nice. Thanks. Loved Wyatts card too. I love the tie, whoppers are great. So good. Tell Sydnee I sent out a letter for her today, she should get it in a couple weeks. That package is very good really. Can't wait to try the bacon jerky. Looks very good. 
Um, yeah. That's pretty much all I got.
Alright Dad, I love you. Not much to say really. I met the guy with the best beard, and the most free looking dude I have ever seen. I got a picture with him, probably to be sent home next week. 
Anywho, I gotta go. I love you very much! 
Elder Galbreath

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well, well, well

Conner has been out 6 months now.
Sick! I am almost at six months in country. Crazy stuff. I used to think that by this time I would be way good at the whole missionary thing. I was wrong, although I know realize exactly how bad I was at it at the beginning. (I am willing to bet he is awesome since I know how hard on himself he is.)
Did you get your valentine package yet?
I have a valentine package coming? I haven't gotten it yet. 
Do you have a washer yet?
Yes! We have had it for a couple of weeks, sorry I thought I told you about it. It's all working good, clothes are clean and dry by machine now. 
Tell me about a lesson you taught this week.  
Hmm. Well we are teaching a younger guy, I think he is 19 but if not he is close, and he is super cool and diligent and all those great things. So we went over to his house, and it was raining super hard and we both forgot our jackets, so we were very wet. So we get there, and everyone else went to a party that lives there but he stayed home so he could learn. So sick. So we taught him about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. Anyway, so we taught that and then we asked if he had any problems with the word of wisdom and he said he used to drink coffee but he didn't think it was good for him so he stopped. He was right. So that was pretty fun. 
I have not asked in a few weeks so.....How are you?  
I'm good.  
Any dry days?  Raincoat working and have you decided to use the dry sac in your backpack yet?  
A few dry days, the rain coat works great and fits on over my backback so I don't even have to use the dry sac. Pretty great stuff.
What do you do on rainy p-days?
The same stuff as on regular p-days, but with rain coats on and we walk faster.  Very extreme. Today we went to a sweet restaurant called "Le Carnivore" which in english means "The Carnivore" It was soo good! Like a nice restaurant for America, as I remember it. I put pictures on photobucket. To give you an idea of how big it was, the steak was just a little smaller than my hand. That's the very bottom one. Also a guy from Kenya owns it, so he talked to us for a little while in English, which was cool. 
Then after lunch we went to a place that is super nice, that sells jewelry. They sell vango-vangos, little bracelets that Malagasys wear, that are pure silver, for 7000 ariary an ounce. A guy got one here for 60 dollars american and when he got home he got it appraised, and it was worth 500 dollars. That's a significant difference. Sizeable, some would say. And they have legit Breitling watches and a ton of other stuff. Very nice place. I will be going back later in my mission. 

I am pretty jealous about the concert, it makes me feel better that you were in the nosebleeds though. Haha And that I was literally on the other side of the globe. I miss music, like a bunch. But I am being good, no worries there. 
40 for the high
Um, brr? I put a sweater on at 70 out here. 
The primary kids here still talk about when Brother Galbreath was teaching primary and he would do all the stuff with them.
Yes! I miss those kids, I need to make time to write to my class one of these days. Maybe once I get sick again. That hasn't happened very often lately though, (that makes me happy to hear) I will try to get at least a few out. 

I just remembered that you asked last week if my mission president changed his mind about p-day clothes, and the answer is no. However, I am not being maditra (naughty) we just don't have to wear them when we go to the lemur park and do active stuff like that. 

Hmm, so not too much new has happened. Did Beyonce do the half time show at the Super Bowl? Someone told me she was but I also heard that Obama was Malagasy so my sources are not the best. 

I love you Dad, I think about you sometimes, so be good. Haha but seriously I sit and think about home every now and then on taxi be's, how you guys are doing, how I would meet up with you if a zombie apocalypse happened, stuff like that. I think I could hijack enough planes to make it to BBCC, so I would probably be ok. 

If you wanted to throw in some hot cinnamon candies in the next package you guys send out those are fun to give to kids, they are pretty sure their mouth is on fire. Then they drink water and that just makes it worse. Pretty funny really. 

Love you so much Dad! 
Love you mom!

Elder Galbref
                                                 Cute kids!
                                         Cute missionary and a cute kid!!
                           He knows how to breast out a duck, he should never go hungry!