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Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday!

1) We have noticed that your emails are coming quite a bit later in the day and seem quite a bit shorter than in the past.  Are you just too busy?
We started emailing at the end of the day in our area instead of at the beginning of the day so that's why they are coming later, and we have been pretty busy. Elder McLaughlin liked really calm p-days and Elder Seifert likes to do a lot of stuff with a lot of people so I am just kind of going along with whatever. As for the length, everything is just kind of seeming routine lately. Also I have been telling all my cool stories to Wyatt but I don't think he reads my emails so I am gonna stop doing that. 
2) I saw pictures from Schwarma City on facebook the other day.  Have you been able to go back there?
No, we haven't gone back yet. It wasn't great, it's in a sketchy part of town so we don't go very often over there, and I kinda forgot how to get there. But, I will try to get back sometime. 
3) We are putting together the next envelope package.  We are making sure you get pepperoni sticks and arch supports.  Is there anything else you would like in there?  
 Haha Um, I don't know really, that should be good. I still have a ton of candy from v-day. Maybe a list of birthdays and whatnot of family people? Thank you so much.
The slim sound like quite a bit of fun. I miss shooting quite a bit, can't wait to get back home and suck really bad and then start getting better again. The T key on this keyboard really sucks. 
Good call on the line upon line talk. I like to think that it is partially for our benefit we don't learn all at once, because think how fast your brain would explode if the first time you asked you understood everything about resurrection and the plan of salvation. Or going to the temple. Or even reading the book of mormon. Or the old testament. Holy Cow. I think the other part is for the building of our faith. If we got our answers right away every time how much faith would that take? I'll tell you, little to none. 
In other news, this cyber blows. Elder Seifert still has not been able to load his email. Transfers are next week so probably on p-day I will be able to tell you what's going down. There is a spot hopefully opening up in Mahajanga so that would be sweet! And maybe Ft. Dauphin, those are the two dream areas. Plus there is a new group of English speaking kids coming in, so that will be fun, Seifert might be training again. It's even ever-so-slightly possible that I might train. But then I would be here for upwards of three more months, so I am hoping that is not so. 
Anywho, S apparently changed his mind on who he wants to do his baptism so if I don't leave this transfer I will get to do that, so that is really cool. One upside to not leaving asap.
Also the mouse on this computer just went dead. So that's good. 
Alright Dad well I love you but I am gonna write mom her birthday email now. 
Mom, They just use the French word for happy birthday  so it doesn't exist in malagasy. Otherwise I would write it in malagasy.
So the news for the week is that Kyndra Herd is engaged to Riley Roylance.  
That is so weird. I'm glad that she has found a husband and they are happy together and all those other things.
Over 800 sisters went into the MTC last week!
800 girls is a lot. And you are right, they will be getting home not long after me. 
My language is coming along pretty well, I understand almost everything people say, and I can hold a decent conversation with most people I see. I am working on teaching now. Getting a form down so I can teach lessons clearly by myself, or at least lead them. It's pretty frustrating trying to recover from a botched beginning of a lesson, especially when it's you that botched it. 
It rains most days, but usually just at night. So that is nice, there have been a few nights where it starts raining really hard right as we get home so that has been close.
Sorry, this cyber is really slow so I have to call that good for today. I love you! Happy birthday again!
Love you,
Elder Galbreath

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