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Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh boy!!

Well, first things first I am getting transferred. I am going to go to Antsirabe, the coldest province. My area will be Mahazoarivo, which means "receive a thousand" so hopefully that's the number of investigators or baptisms or people at church or something. Or Malagasy words I will learn, because my comp is Elder Rakotoniaina. He's Malagasy, and doesn't speak much English. I guess it gets super cold there in the winter, like frost on the windows and everything. But I guess the food is really good there so that's a bonus. My english is only going to go downhill from here all Malagasy next week. During the day anyway.  I will also be riding bikes. So, pray for me. I think I can handle it. It will be interesting.  Please pray for him, he has not ridden since he was hit.

So, just one real good story from this week.  Actually two for you. First story. Safidy, the kid that I taught every lesson, picked me to do his baptism. Super cool. We got all his baptism information and everything ready, did a practice baptism interview and he is super ready. So his baptism is in two weeks because of a big primary activity this Saturday. So, yesterday after our time I told him I was probably leaving this transfer so I wouldn't be able to do his baptism if I left. The kid starts crying. I felt so bad. I felt the love man, I felt the love. I almost started crying. It was a bad deal, but I gave him some skittles and pop rocks and he was alright after that. So Elder Seifert will be doing his baptism. 
Story number two. We ran into this guy while we were tracting that said he didn't believe in the ten commandments. We were just like, while that's in the bible, do you believe in the bible? He said no. But, he goes to church. His church is called "Mpandrava ny didy folo" which means "destroyers of the ten commandments" So apostate! He said the bible is only for the jews, not for Americans or French or Malagasies or anyone else. Just the Jews. So that was interesting. Then he told us he wanted to fight ideas so we should come back. We will not be going back.
One more, We were helping Ampitatafika teach english at a school on friday and they fed us lunch afterwards. They had some sakay, which is just a really spicy thing that is sometimes sauce and sometimes like peppers but soaked in stuff. No matter what it is, a small piece, we are talking tip of a fork, is enough to heat up a whole plate of rice. Elder Mitchell looks at the plate of sakay and says "what would you give me to eat that?" I said ten thousand ariary. He immediately decided it was worth it. He stuck it in his mouth, a huge spoonful (like a soup serving spoon) and chewed it for five seconds and swallowed. He almost puked. It was hilarious. Then he chugged three liters of pump (read as unfiltered) water trying to make it go away. It didn't work. He ate a handful of tums and that helped but essentially he just put up with it. Nice right? 

1) Which of the 10 beatitudes would you apply to your life now to work on?
I would be lying if I said I could tell you what all of those are, but I think humble is one of them so I might just go with that. My pride gets in my way a lot, especially with companions. If bold was one I might pick that one too. I am pretty conservative in Malagasy. I don't get quite as witty, and I am trying to work on being more confident when I speak Malagasy. 
2) We, of course, are excited about transfer news. Does any of it affect you?
Oh boy did it. See above
3) Eggs- fried or scrambled?
Scrambled every time! I mix three eggs together with milk and seasoning salt and scramble those bad boys up, put it on some bread and call that a breakfast, because it is one. 
What do you guys sings for Hymns, Do you have a piano, Are all the hymns translated, do you have a go to hymn to sing?
We do have a piano, we sing quite a few in malagasy, but they use the french hymns alot because there are only 100 hymns in Malagasy . We sing how firm a foundation alot, and God be with you till we meet again, but in malagasy it says "let God be around you" so you can sing it whenever. 
What was the best thing you ate this week?
Hmm, I had some chicken and veggie sauce with rice a few days ago so that was pretty delicious. 
How is teaching going?
Teaching is going pretty good, I sometimes still get caught up in what I am trying to say, but most of the time I am good. 

I am glad the Daddy daughter dance went well, it sounds like a smashing success. 

Love the picture of Dad and bubba. It's great. Classic bubba pic. 

I heard a speaker talk about what have you given up for the Gospel, and told him I know he has given up so much right now. Giving stuff up. No kidding. Like English, heating and air, and having my feet on the bed while I sleep. Forget that, it never happens. Or reliable electricity/water. Both those are pretty choppy. Couldn't remember the word for that in English. Tapitapika. 

Love you, 
Elder Galbreath

P.S. Found the perfect scripture for you, Proverbs 20:29. You're beautiful.
                                          Thanks Elder Austin, I borrowed this photo from him!

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