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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well, well, well

Conner has been out 6 months now.
Sick! I am almost at six months in country. Crazy stuff. I used to think that by this time I would be way good at the whole missionary thing. I was wrong, although I know realize exactly how bad I was at it at the beginning. (I am willing to bet he is awesome since I know how hard on himself he is.)
Did you get your valentine package yet?
I have a valentine package coming? I haven't gotten it yet. 
Do you have a washer yet?
Yes! We have had it for a couple of weeks, sorry I thought I told you about it. It's all working good, clothes are clean and dry by machine now. 
Tell me about a lesson you taught this week.  
Hmm. Well we are teaching a younger guy, I think he is 19 but if not he is close, and he is super cool and diligent and all those great things. So we went over to his house, and it was raining super hard and we both forgot our jackets, so we were very wet. So we get there, and everyone else went to a party that lives there but he stayed home so he could learn. So sick. So we taught him about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. Anyway, so we taught that and then we asked if he had any problems with the word of wisdom and he said he used to drink coffee but he didn't think it was good for him so he stopped. He was right. So that was pretty fun. 
I have not asked in a few weeks so.....How are you?  
I'm good.  
Any dry days?  Raincoat working and have you decided to use the dry sac in your backpack yet?  
A few dry days, the rain coat works great and fits on over my backback so I don't even have to use the dry sac. Pretty great stuff.
What do you do on rainy p-days?
The same stuff as on regular p-days, but with rain coats on and we walk faster.  Very extreme. Today we went to a sweet restaurant called "Le Carnivore" which in english means "The Carnivore" It was soo good! Like a nice restaurant for America, as I remember it. I put pictures on photobucket. To give you an idea of how big it was, the steak was just a little smaller than my hand. That's the very bottom one. Also a guy from Kenya owns it, so he talked to us for a little while in English, which was cool. 
Then after lunch we went to a place that is super nice, that sells jewelry. They sell vango-vangos, little bracelets that Malagasys wear, that are pure silver, for 7000 ariary an ounce. A guy got one here for 60 dollars american and when he got home he got it appraised, and it was worth 500 dollars. That's a significant difference. Sizeable, some would say. And they have legit Breitling watches and a ton of other stuff. Very nice place. I will be going back later in my mission. 

I am pretty jealous about the concert, it makes me feel better that you were in the nosebleeds though. Haha And that I was literally on the other side of the globe. I miss music, like a bunch. But I am being good, no worries there. 
40 for the high
Um, brr? I put a sweater on at 70 out here. 
The primary kids here still talk about when Brother Galbreath was teaching primary and he would do all the stuff with them.
Yes! I miss those kids, I need to make time to write to my class one of these days. Maybe once I get sick again. That hasn't happened very often lately though, (that makes me happy to hear) I will try to get at least a few out. 

I just remembered that you asked last week if my mission president changed his mind about p-day clothes, and the answer is no. However, I am not being maditra (naughty) we just don't have to wear them when we go to the lemur park and do active stuff like that. 

Hmm, so not too much new has happened. Did Beyonce do the half time show at the Super Bowl? Someone told me she was but I also heard that Obama was Malagasy so my sources are not the best. 

I love you Dad, I think about you sometimes, so be good. Haha but seriously I sit and think about home every now and then on taxi be's, how you guys are doing, how I would meet up with you if a zombie apocalypse happened, stuff like that. I think I could hijack enough planes to make it to BBCC, so I would probably be ok. 

If you wanted to throw in some hot cinnamon candies in the next package you guys send out those are fun to give to kids, they are pretty sure their mouth is on fire. Then they drink water and that just makes it worse. Pretty funny really. 

Love you so much Dad! 
Love you mom!

Elder Galbref
                                                 Cute kids!
                                         Cute missionary and a cute kid!!
                           He knows how to breast out a duck, he should never go hungry!

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