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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I never know what to title my emails.

I appreciate you being there for me, I am not very good at getting what's in my head out of my head in the form of words or anything. I used to drum, but it just doesn't work for me here. I have tried everything I can think of, all my journal entries are lame and repetitive. However, luckily I am not too worried about it and I just proceed with life in a normal fashion. Well, mission normal.

We are expanding our program more out to the other half of our area, we added a third day out there and are working on filling that up. It's going pretty well, We are working with members and trying to find less actives. Our stake has a 36 percent activity rate. So we are working on that. We are teaching this kid named M right now. He is way cool, super diligent and excited to learn and he has no problems with law of chastity or word of wisdom! So he might be perfect. He stays with a member family so he comes to church every week too. We also got this kid we are teaching with another member family.

Anywho, I am super burned out on life so I think I am gonna go take a nap haha and my comp is waiting for me.

Do you have to pay when I send you something?
Yes, but not much like two thou for little stuff and 12 thou for big stuff, very affordable;

How is your raincoat holding up?
Like a charm, I stay nice and dry.

Any new investigators? Any baptisms coming up?
No baptisms soon, we have a couple scheduled for Feb 27th but one of the people isn't vita soratra so that probably won't go down. The other one is a members kid that is nine so we are in charge of him now. He is way cool, he likes me too so if I am still here I might get to baptize him.

What was the best thing you ate this week?
I had some chicken and fried vegetables the other day so that was pretty good.  Had some pretty good mine sao, like chow mein.

What did you do or are you going to do this p-day. And Dad noticed you
are wearing civilian clothes on your P-day did your president change his mind?
Nothing special really, just getting shopping stuff done.  Elder Seifert is getting a suit made so we bought some fabric for that, I might get one done soon before I get too skinny not what Mom wants to hear! and can't wear it in America. I am gonna try and find some American flag interior fabric for one. It will be pretty fly.

Tell me a story of how Batman and Captain America are getting along?
We get along really well, he makes me teach a lot more and we talk about most things. We have a lot in common like scary amounts. For instance, he thinks he is Flynn Rider and I actually am, and we both listened to music all the time before our mission. So yeah we get along really well.

I have been super tired this last week or so, still eating plenty so no worries there, just tired. About packages, when you think about sending jerky or other meat just send pepper sticks instead. Those were delicious. I am probably gonna be pulling out like 20 bucks this week for food. I am not a very good budgeter.

 That's all I got for today,  Thanks for getting Jasmyne's address for me, do you know Sydnees? I already wrote her a letter and everything, I just don't know where to send it.

I love you mom and dad

Elder Galbreath fahadimy




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