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Thursday, January 10, 2013


First question, what broken picture did you take down? Strange he can’t recall the picture since he is the one who broke it. I like the sticker though. 

When I was teaching primary I went to six hours of church most Sundays too, so the blessings are real! Due to Grants work schedule I will go to an early ward with him then our regular ward. Super cool. YW sounds like fun, I like that scripture a lot. D&C 87:8  I always think of it as since you have to move out of the home and church and temple at least sometimes, you can make everywhere you go a holy place. It's important that you have the spirit with you everywhere you go. It's freaking hard, but it gets easier with time. Even as a missionary, and I feel like we have a little more leeway in the spirit's presence. 

I saw the paint job, it looks nice. We painted his room to make it Wyatts room. I actually am a little happier with it than I thought I would be. Wyatt looks like a demon in the painting picture though. Kid needs a haircut. Of course Dad puts up window trim as soon as I leave, six months later. Alright so maybe I didn't just leave but dang it it sure feels like I did. Seriously, if the next three sets of six months go by as fast as this six did I am legitimately afraid. I know it has gone faster than I thought it would.

I don't know that missionary but I am glad he is ok. One of the Mada missionaries had to have his appendix out. Speaking of missionaries I don't know.... I am getting a new companion this week! His name is Elder Scifer (no idea if that is spelled right). I don't know anything about him except that he has been on a mission for almost a year and a half and has been in Reunion for the last four months or so. Apparently he is really good at Malagasy though so no worries there. Should be interesting. I am going to be with a mini, our DMP, Mitia for Tuesday and Wednesday probably, or until I get my new comp. Should be fun! He is way cool though. So I am pretty happy with him. I don't know if Scifers mom is a MMM (or whatever you kids are calling yourselves these days) or not though. Elder Austins Mom should have a picture of me and a Leaf Tailed Gecko! My camera died and this cyber sucks! So I can't get any pictures up today either. I am starting to get pretty fed up with Madagascar internet. 
Well, the lemurs were awesome. I am going to tell everyone a different part of the story so you can all share with each other. So we had to take a taxi brousse to get there. It's the same thing as a taxi be, but it goes outside of town. We went all the way out in the bush. I saw so much green I forgot what Tana was like. I cannot wait to go to province. It is so cool looking! So me and Elder Mitchell took the fun path down through the fields and basically off road coolness and Elder Austin and McLaughlin took the boring path. So we had some fun, saw some weird plants and whatnot, had a nice walk. Then when we got to the lemur park we started to walk in and then.... I'll tell mom because she asked about the lemur that bit me. Next is my part..

So when we got to the Lemur park yesterday we went in and they made us pay 10000 instead of 600 which is the Malagasy price. So that was a bummer but then all the lemurs showed up and they were super cool. We were feeding them peanuts and bananas and everything and they were eating out of our hands and everything. I think I am going to go again with just my comp sometime so it will be easier to get pictures and everything. Super cool. They are so soft! I was legitimately amazed with how soft they were. I cannot even compare it to anything.  Bit by a lemur, the new highlight of my life. I just held my hand out with no food in it, trying to trick it into licking my hand. That would have been a great picture. However, he looked at my empty hand, hissed and tonga dia (like all of a sudden, or right away) bit me. Sick right? I thought it was a pretty cool story. Note to self don’t try to trick a lemur.

I haven't gotten any packages from you guys yet, and Grandmas still isn't here but I got one from John and Cari and them!  It is way cool! And Taylor thanked me for always writing her back so now I have to write her back. 

Hey Dad! It was awesome to see you again at Christmas, sorry I couldn't email you last week. This country has some pretty ridiculous things in it, like people wanting to close early on holidays. Ridiculous.  

Haha I wouldn't know how cold it is though, I sweat almost twenty four seven now. I don't even use a top cover when I sleep anymore, just me and my mosquito net. It's very hot. Just an idea, inside, at night, it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit in our room. And it is so hot during the day. We get to appointments and it is so hot we are sticking to the chairs, my shirts are constantly wet under my backpack. And we smell like sweat. That does not sound fun.

Every member a missionary! President Hinckley would be proud of you. And the missionaries will love the referrals they get from you. I think the best thing you can do for the work is give them referrals. Friends, family, people from work. Whoever. Member referrals are the best way to get investigators. That and less actives. It might be different in America but most less actives have a small reason for leaving the church and once you find that reason you can get them to come back. Satan has a strong hold on some people. Flaxen cords, flaxen cords. 

I love you so much! Tell Sydnee I got her letter and John and Cari I got their package, it was awesome! So many Nerds...

Love you Mom!
Elder Galbreath

Questions from Wyatt, these are always my favorite.
1: What did you do New Year's Eve?
We just sat in the house and told scary stories until like eleven thirty and then told other stories until Midnight, I drank three liters of soda and slept like a baby. It was sick.
2: How's McLaughlin (that looks right) doing? Getting trunky and dreaming of going back home and just chilling in his kilt and messing around on the bagpipes eating haggis?
He does talk about his kilt a lot, but other than that he isn't too trunky. just chilling out, working hard and taking lots of pictures, saying lots of goodbyes. We had a dinner appointment every night last week and a few lunch appointments too. I saved so much money on food. 
3: How's Elder Galbreath doing?
He is freaking out a little bit that he is getting his second companion soon, and that six months have already come and passed. And he is upset because eggs are expensive so the place he loves stopped making mofo balls. It's legitimately almost the end of the world. 
4: Have you gotten mugged or robbed yet? Or at least a close experience?
You kidding me bro? I am legitimately twice most of these peoples size. No one is gonna come at me. And if they did, I would wreck them. 

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