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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nope, I don't believe it!

Christian Manly had his homecoming talk today.  
I refuse to believe that.
 He also said something about being a converted Green Bay Packers fan, but I think that is just part of the mission high thing that he is getting over. 
I think it's an Aaron Rodgers thing. That boy can throw a football. 
Chandler Byington got engaged!  To Lexi Caulder.
You know, my mission feels like it is going fast, but everything back home is moving forward at the same pace. Maybe it's a hemisphere thing. 
And then this afternoon I went to Lucy Petersens farewell. 
Nope, didn't happen. Seriously, who isn't married or going on a mission? 
Cassandra is a Grandma again. 
What the crap! Tell everyone to knock off this whole changing all the time thing. 
Speaking of photos.  I assume and hope you are taking more than what you post.  You should mail your card home so I can print them all out since I sent you with lots of cards you should be ok.   
Not gonna happen. Everyone I have ever talked to that tried to mail cards or cameras or anything like that got it stolen out of the mail. Sorry, you're gonna have to get by on what I send home. I did fill up my first card though. I filled up a 4gb card, I'm working on one of the 8gb cards now. I should be good for a while. I don't post all the pictures I take, I just can't. I am going to try to take more pictures in the future though, I am kind of lame about that sometimes. Often actually. 

I hope G is OK and that your other investigators are progressing as well. 
G is good, she went to the doctor and the doctor said she wasn't getting enough calcium. So she is drinking more milk and eating more yogurt now. She is good, we are still trying to get them vita soratra (legally married) so they can get baptized. But, they come to church every week  and learn from us every thursday without fail. She is the coolest lady I have met. I am still teaching a ton more than I did with Elder McLaughlin, sometimes Elder Seifert has to take over at the end of the day though because my brain gets burned out trying to speak a new language. It is so strenuous. I can barely think of my rad dance moves sometimes. We had a soiree with a bunch of RM's though last Saturday so that was way fun, and the Dad is way cool, the head of the household that hosted the soiree. He speaks pretty good English, and he is a way cool guy in general, kind of reminds me of you when he talks about serious stuff. 
We have so many people learning in Cite right now, we are actually adding another day out there so we can fit everyone in. And the other half of the area is pretty slow lately. So we are working with members, teaching family and friends. Focusing on those father led families! President Adams told us that we are converting those who will baptize the future leaders. That really gives me an idea on who to look for. And of course anyone that really wants to learn we teach.

 I am learning how to dance, pretty fun stuff. Turns out everyone knows like one or two cool things they can teach me and I can compile all their tricks into one awesome mascot head wearing big white man dance. And pay for college with it. Dope. I can moonwalk now, and jerk, and I'm learning how to t-step. I will send you a video when I get it down. Nothing else too cool really, 

So, this was a pretty boring week, except I almost broke my ankle. It hurt so bad I had to get a taxi right then and go home. Luckily it was the end of the night. I am wearing my comps ankle brace every day right now, because it is still swollen way up. I am gonna go see the mission nurse and see if they have another black one I can use so I can give my comp his ankle brace back. I might need you guys to send me another ankle brace, a black one so I can wear it everyday. McDavid I think is the one I am wearing, it's really nice. The one you guys sent me in the MTC broke, the eyelets pulled right out, but I found my white one so I was good for sports. Thanks, sorry for the short notice or whatever else I did wrong, I feel like I did but I have no idea what. 

Alright Dad, I gotta go. I love you so much, and I keep you guys in my prayers all the time. 
Love you,
Elder Galbreath

P.S. Oh, and Taylor wrote me a letter and signed it in Malagasy, pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

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