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Monday, December 31, 2012

Miray fety sambatra!

That's what they say, for Happy New Year but it really goes with any holiday. It's kind of weird. Same thing at Christmas. 

Christmas call was great! I was pretty upset at the beginning when it wasn't working We could tell he was upset and prayed quickly for it to work so we could hear him happy but I got over it when it started working. It was so nice to see you guys! Everyone is looking good, Wyatt is huge as ever, Dad's moustache is huge, and you haven't aged at all. He is such a good son! Pretty standard stuff. I am sweaty at all times and dirty most of the time. But I dressed up for you guys, all new clothes.  We commented on how white his shirt was and he did admit he had not worn it in Madagascar yet. Haha on mother’s day I will wear standard proselyting clothes. It will be magnificent. Also thanks for putting up with my weird malagasy missionary humor. It’s the same weird humor but don’t tell him that.

Elder McLaughlin's parents called our phone about five minutes after lunch when they finally got out of bed. They slept in until like nine thirty their time. So yeah, they skyped and all is well and he will see them next week. His companion goes home on the 9th.

Washing clothes, I think I figured out the fomba (the way, or tradition). I let them soak in soapy water for all day while I work and when I get home I scrub them with more soap and get the tons of dirt out of them. Then I rinse and ring out and dry. I don't think I can get away with the grape stomp, I told him to soak them in the tub the stomp on them. especially when it rains. I am pretty muddy.  Guess he did not figure it out to clean up first, oh well.  But thank you for the advice! I might try the grape stomp tactic on my g's actually. Hmm... 

Zoe is not 5 yet. No way. I literally remember when she was born. That's not ok, tell her to stop getting older. She is a pretty small kid though for sure. Their house sounds nice, it sounds pretty funky. I think I will like it. 

Thank you so much for the pictures! Even if they are all just of Wyatt in his pajamas haha but I can't watch the videos today, the internet is too slow in this cyber. I am working on putting up the pictures from our Christmas, and the video of me and Elder McLaughlin opening our pajamas, but it's taking a while. I might only get the video up today. We will be going to a good cyber next Monday though so I will get the rest up then. 

So the story of a missionary in Mada between Christmas and New Years is one of lazy members, busy Bishops, and lemurs. Yes, lemurs. However, that was today so that is last. Alright so Wednesday and Tuesday Elder McLaughlin was sick, so no teaching for us. Then Thursday we were supposed to meet a member in the morning who was going to take us to another area to see his brother or something, so we left early and waited for him and he never showed up. So we went to his house and his wife said he had gone to 67ha, which is a ghetto with a lot of shopping, like LA. So he was going to call us when he was back. He never called. So we went back home and ate lunch, then went to the edge of our area to meet up with another member who was going to show us a contact he found. He never showed up either. So we did some contacting, to no avail, and then went to have our Bishop meeting. He wasn't at the church and when we called him he said he was in Ivato, an area on the other side of Tana. So he couldn't do it either. So we decided to go try and find an address of a contact from the open house, or varavara misokatra. Bad idea. Addresses here are just plain ridiculous. We literally spent an hour walking through a ghetto with a million kids following us and old ladies trying to tell us where the house is. We never found it. 

I just found out this cyber closes in fifteen minutes. So, you might be the only one that gets an email this week. I am loved and special today!  Good thing I share.

Alright so today me and Elder Austin, McLaughlin and Mitchell went to a super sick lemur park! It is literally just an open area that lemurs know they can get food in. They have brown lemurs, black and white lemurs, and they eat right out of your hand. It was so cool! And one bit me too, didn't break skin either. So sick story, and no disease. 

I'm sorry everybody, but no lemur pictures, this cyber blows. I also have to go, I love you all so much!!!!!

Love you tons, 
Elder Galbreath

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