Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for ETERNITY.

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's raining and hot

The snow sounds miserable.
Gun shopping sounds fun! Surprised you didn't get anything or even mention a wishlist, although that probably happened. You still haven't sent me that picture of "mom's" new steel challenge rifle. 

Wyatt is a baller. He is so cool, reminds me of two of me. He is getting big. Super big. I'm a little scared for when I get home. I am glad all the old ladies love him, that means he is doing stuff right. And he is working hard, that is always a good thing to hear.

I still am not sure about what days this cyber is gonna be open so I will email you with that this week sometime. I promise! AAAHHHH! Still don’t know when we get to talk to him.

I love you too Dad, sorry stuff is crazy at work. 

All right so just a little news I found out. Choose the right in Malagasy is not Safidy ny Marina, which is not an ok abbreviation, but it is actually Fidio Ny Tsara. Much better. So I will be getting a ring made for that once I get home. Malagasies are not that mahay at carving to do it. I love you Dad. Have you found that picture of me and mom yet? I love you. I should email Mom now, I wasted a lot of time trying to get skype to work today. 
Thank you for the pictures! I miss that big lug (Shadrach). He got a new collar too I see, looking sharp. Very well trained too I might add. He knows how to get stuff done. Want water? Lay in the hallway. Bedtime? Garrett's room. Lay on the clothes. 

That's so crazy! Literally everyone from our group of friends is gone now, either married or going on a mission. Nuts. 
Also I decided I want your mini cooper when I get home. We will see about that! Just my random post mission thought of the week. 

I love you! Aza maditra! (Don't be naughty)
Elder Galbreath

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