Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for ETERNITY.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you have a merry Christmas, what are your plans.
We are going to have christmas morning at home, open presents and whatnot. Then we are going to have lunch with the zone at the church and watch Legacy. Well, they will I am gonna sit there and doodle probably. Then in the afternoon evening we are visiting people and just making sure everyone can feel the love on Christmas. It will be magnificent. 
I hope you have gotten your packages from the family.  
I have gotten all the ones that I know are coming except for the one from Grandma G, but there are packages in the office today so I might have that one tonight. Probably not though, but that is ok because then once I get it I won't have to wait to open it haha 
After my family left Angela and her family dropped by and stayed for 2 hours then I had to run to Walmart because Grandma just texted and asked for peppermint ice cream.  Guess what no peppermint ice cream in moses lake.
Bummer, there is none here either. Life is hard. 
46 1/2 more hours now
You're sick. It's p-day, and I have to wait two full days to talk to you guys. Longest days ever. 

I liked that talk a lot, the Uchtdorf one. I thought it was really cool, and it really reinforced to me the importance of family and being with them. Great thing to be thinking about when I am literally as far away as I can be from my family. But I am doing what the Lord wants me to do so I can't feel bad for that. I think you did a wonderful job making time for me and Wyatt and Mom. I know it was a lot harder when we were younger and you were working at Basin especially, but we still went hunting pretty often and I never felt like my Dad wasn't home often enough. I definitely have been thinking about what kind of Dad I am gonna be, not often but every now and then. I decided that I just hope I can keep my priorities straight. I have a tremendous work drive, get stuff done and move on to the next thing. I get that from you and Grandpa no doubt. It is definitely not a bad thing, but it gets hard to keep under control when it's not the time to just move on. Like talking to people in the street when we are already late to the next time. But I manage. 

Food at Thyssens sounds amazing. I was going to make the house campers on Christmas morning, actually I was dead set on it, planning on buying good cheese and everything. Then Our district leader called and we are doing Christmas breakfast as a zone. I will make it another day. Maybe dinner tonight actually. I don't know, we will see. Maybe I will make it and eat it all myself. I dunno. I realized that I am definitely a small group guy. 
The chiller thing sounds like an adventure. Glad you kept it under control, guess that's why they pay you the big bucks. I'm feeling nicknamey (probably not a real word) today, so I'm gonna say you're the mahay guy. The means like skilled or talented. 

Mom should have put the picture you asked about in your photobucket account.
Thank you! That one is going in my BiM (Book of Mormon) for sure. 

Does your companion go home this week or in a few?  I know that Elder George(?) goes home at the end of the week or something like that.
Yeah Elder George goes home on the 27th but my comp goes home on Jan 9th. Elder George, Procknell, and Collins are leaving early for military and BYU.  

Grandma wants to know if you got her letter?  I don't know if it was a Dear Elder letter or if she sent it herself from the post office.  
I can't remember. I got a dear elder from Grandma G so if that is who you mean then yes I did. She told me that she got released as RS president and Aunt Cami is the new one. Galbreaths are just all over the place there. 
I love you a ton, I'll tell you my cool stories about life and Mada on Wednesday. 

P.S. You better not cry when we skype. I had the tissues just in case but I did not cry!
Oh man, I am so excited to talk to you guys. It doesn't really feel like Christmas here yet, maybe it will tomorrow, and it probably will on Wednesday morning! I love you so much. 

Love, Elder Galbreath

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