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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nisy emergency drill tam'maraina androany

 Paperwork at work sounds fun. We do a lot of paperwork here as missionaries. Well, we are supposed to, a lot of missionaries don't. It's pretty frustrating for those of us trying to get everything going fine. But whatever, I am going to keep trucking and right now my companion is super diligent with it so it's going smooth. 

Thanks for the info about the shoe store, I appreciate it haha

I'm glad that Shadrach is still breaking all the rules haha but I will keep a prayer out for your garden. Hope your stuff turns out good. 

About the sisters, the one is black but there is another one that is white. So still be excited. Also, one of them will be here in Antsirabe. So that will be interesting. Probably the white girl will stay in Tana most or all of her mission, so the president can keep an eye on her. I doubt any of them will go farther than Fianarantsoa though. Just thoughts from the mind of Elder Galbref. 

So, tell me how your day is going.  
Pretty good. We had an "emergency drill" this morning, and we had to meet at the Todd's house (the senior couple here in Antsirabe) at eleven with our 72 hour kits we were told to put together a few weeks ago. So, me and Elder Kumar spent all morning running all over town trying to put  together our 72 hour kits. Hmmm guess they procrastinated that one.  No idea why they need it though. Got it good and got to the Todd's at five to eleven. Ao tsara. 
Any new insights into Elder K?  
Yes, he hates having his schedule interrupted. He has been in a bad mood all day because of the drill throwing off our p-day schedule haha 
How is the bug patrol going?
It is going pretty good. Cockroaches are very resilient. Permethrin and cans are our main weapons.
Any new investigators?
Yes. We are finding lots of new people all the time, especially in Andranomanelatra. I love it out there. I just wish it wasn't so far. 12 kilometers up hill to get there. 
What is the weather doing?  Still cold at 70?  Need more sweaters?  Can you get them over there?  
It is still cold, we have space heaters in the house. More sweaters wouldn't be the worst thing ever. They have them here, just a little hard to find sometimes. I will be fine probably. No worries too much but a nice quarter zip I could wear with brown blue or black pants. 
Oh yeah guess what???? 
Oh man! That is going to be so cool! 
I hope something exciting happens so I have something to tell you.  Just can't wait to see your face and hear your wonderful voice. 
I hope something cool happens too. Like Madagascar or something. I dunno. 

So, the emergency drill was basically all the interesting stuff that happened this week. I might be eating locust for lunch tomorrow, so pray that that doesn't fall through haha Other than that though, not much going on. 

I love you very much mom! I hope that all works well with the skype next week.

1) Captain Moroni or Helaman?
Moroni, no doubt. Title of Liberty, captain of the armies at like 16 I think, just awesome all around. Helaman is a great prophet and everything but Moroni is just ballin' all around. 
2) Speed or Endurance?
Endurance. Tortoise or the hair. 
3) White meat or dark?
White meat, with gravy. Although at this point anything with flavor is good. 
4) Tell me three things that you want to see on the video call next week.
Mom, Dad, and Wyatt. Other than that I don't really care. 

I'm really sorry but due to the drill that I told mom about our p-day has been cut short so I am a little low on time. I will call you next week though! I love you so much. 

Love you!
Elder Galbref

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