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Monday, April 8, 2013

The mud won.

I got money out for some stuff, souvenirs mostly, paintings and rocks for mom and grandma. About 50 bucks worth. Sorry, I don't know if that is too much. 

So we are riding our bikes all the time now. All the time. ALL the time. My legs are getting jacked. Super hard muscles on my thighs. We ride out to Andranomanelatra every Tuesday, about an hour of riding uphill the whole way. Then the way home is about half an hour of downhill. We go pretty fast. But not too fast so no worries.  I know he put that in just for me but I am sure he is going as fast as he can. Then one day we were riding down the road, a pretty bad road, lots of potholes. There was a guy coming up the road pulling his pousse pousse and not looking where he was going, but no problem there was room to get by. Then, right as I was going by he hit a pot hole, the pousse leaned over and the corner of the covering hit me square in the shoulder. I was moving pretty fast and he had a solid foundation, let's just say that if we had been jousting he would have three points and a new bike. I wasn't hurt though, rolled onto some grass. I broke the pousse though, he has a snapped beam now. Maybe he will look next time right? Then later that day I was riding down a really muddy sketchy path through a rice paddy, but there was one good dry path on the edge, so I was like "I am pretty skilled on this thing, so I took it instead of chancing the deep mud. The path was overgrown with grass. So I hit one part where there was grass but no path. I went tumbling into the mud. Pictures on photobucket. 

                                           The mud won.
                                      He calls this his stripling warrior

I think that's the only story for the week though. Nothing too cool. 

David or Samson?
I am gonna go with Samson on this one. They were both kind of losers in my opinion though. Samson had a lot more awesomeness to his prime though, and he did repent and get crazy strong, went out with a bang and all that. Also I think I changed my mind about the Noah Moses debate, I just finished Deuteronomy. Moses had a lot of hard times, but he rose to every challenge. He was a great prophet. I might go with Moses. 
10 months in, what life skill have you developed that you will utilize when you get home?
Man, please don't remind me how far in I am. Elder Baker pointed out how close I am to halfway done the other day and I freaked out. I'm not ok with this. Anyway, definitely just getting along with people better and controlling my anger. I am still working on that definitely, but it will come in handy for sure. Also making big decisions rationally. That has helped alot, and scheduling. Good that is. 
Is there anyone you want us to give your email address to?
Um, I don't know. People that want to write me I guess. All my friends basically are on missions or married. Married people are boring. Just whoever, Aunts and Uncles. It was really nice to hear from John, he dropped a little note in my package from their family. Just good to hear from an Uncle, not that there is anything wrong with Aunts. 
Did you get your Easter package yet? If so what was in it, I am always curious to know if it all makes it there.  Can you tell if it has been opened? I am not holding my breath but hopefully you get your B-day package close to your B-Day.
I did! Thank you so much for everything, the jacket is great and the jersey will look great sitting in my suitcase for the next year and a half. It was not opened, that I know for sure. We had a great Easter egg hunt in the house. Thank you for all the stuff! I loved it. 
When and where do you get to watch conference?  Will the members all get to watch?
We will watch a broadcast in the church in a couple weeks, in Malagasy. Hopefull we will get a copy of the DVDs for the house so I don't have to spend money to watch it in English at the cyber and deal with buffering issues. All the members that go will get to watch. They will do it for a sacrament meeting. 
I bought some sunscreen to send you I am assuming the natives don't really need it over there.  How is the tan coming?
I am getting super tan. Weird missionary tan lines, high collar, watch, and all that. Pretty nice. 
There was a talk given and they mentioned mozambique and how they have a hard time with marriages just like you and how the church is working with them to get them married.  It's a dowry problem there so they are reinforcing that the tradition of their fathers isn't always necessary to continue.  It is working with some.  How or what is the church doing to try and help the people of Mada get married?  (that was a long question)
They tell the missionaries how it can be done and tell us to go at it. Not a lot of assistance from up top down here, it's mostly just a paperwork and money problem. They have to have all these papers to get vita soratra and they are all in the place they were born. For people that haven't moved that is no problem but for everyone else it presents a problem. Also they have to pay for the ceremony and then any fomba(traditional) parties the family makes them do cost money. It's just rough because everyone is super poor here but noone wants to admit it or look poor. 
Tell me a story about a missionary named Elder Galbreaf!! 
I don't know really. I told Dad a pretty good biking story, so I am just gonna make you read that one. 
Any new bug, animal, or food you have encountered?
Actually yes. I had baby pig for dinner last night. It wasn't bad really. Very fatty and tender. Tasted like what I imagine a baby ( I hope meant baby pig) would taste like. Pretty interesting really. Not bad overall. And I am not sick this morning either so it must be ok inside. 

I don't know what else really. Sorry. I love you a whole lot. I'm glad my scar is in your memories haha 

I love you mom, have fun!
Elder Galbreath

                                   Beautiful but water is dirty.
                                       The clouds are pretty but look corn!
                                         Too cool!
Garrett in a little store.  Episceries I think.

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