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Monday, April 15, 2013

Zaho tsy ny adaladala fa ianao ny adaladala (no idea what it means)

So anyway, I'm glad you at least tried to keep from dozing in sacrament. Next time you are tired in church, think about how much harder it would be to understand if no one understood how to use a microphone, the echo and volume of the speakers were always too high, and it was all in a language you only mostly understand. Pretty fun stuff. It is some of the least clear talking I have ever heard. Malagasies mumble a lot too, and runtheirwordstogether really bad. We might do that too but I like to pretend that we are a lot clearer than what I hear here. 

Also that is a really cool story about Brother Richens. I'm glad you cried again too haha you are what the Malagasy people call "be fo" which literally means big heart and is used as pretty much that, just means loving and cries easy. All happy tears though so that's good. 

Poor baby, only one working monitor. First world problems is right haha but it is frustrating having the technology right there and it doesn't want to work. Hope you get that figured out. 

1) How do you teach courage?
I don't know, I think you might have been on the right track with the example thing. I don't remember you backing down from any challenges that I can remember. Just kind of helped me see that even failing is better than not trying. Sometimes that comes back to bite me (see last weeks bike stories) but more often than not you just find out you can do a lot more than you think. It also becomes painfully obvious where your limits are so you push them but you don't exceed them too much. It's easy not to get in over your head when you know how tall you are, figuratively speaking. 
2) Duty vs. Honor?
I go with honor. I think of duty as something you do because you have to, whereas honor is something you should do and you do it out of respect for the people you are helping and for yourself. Bro Nielson taught one of the best lessons I ever had in priesthood one Sunday with a single sentence, not even trying to teach. We were talking about getting people to come to a service project. He told Lewis to get peoples phone numbers so he could call and remind them the morning of. Lewis asked for Jim's phone number and he said "You have my word, so you don't need to call me, I will be there." That is honor in my book. There is a scripture somewhere, maybe in one of Paul's epistles, but it says "let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay" To me that just means everything you say should be a promise. If you say you will do something do it, if you aren't going to do something don't say you will. Honor to me, someone else might see that as duty. But for me, honor over duty every time. 
3) Birthday package?  Did you get it?
I have not yet, not sure when the next convoy is coming up from Tana but hopefully before sunday. If not it's no biggie, I can wait. We are having a party at a members house on Sunday night because we go over there anyway on Sunday nights and it's the mom's birthday on Saturday so it will be a big party. Fun stuff. 
4) John/Cari and Grandma G each gave us money for your birthday.  We deposited it in your account.  
Thank you, that might be my new camera right there. MY camera is missing, along with the card. I had it last p-day and then I didn't. I don't know if it got stolen or if I left it somewhere or what. But I am missing my pictures from about february and the camera. Oh no!  I hope it turns up.  A little bummed, but whatever. 
5) One physical "gift" for the rest of your life, (i.e. strength, endurance, patience, etc..) what would be yours?
Probably super human strength. Or the ability to fly. Or if I never got tired no matter what that would be sick. I feel like if we are talking super human powers I would go with super strength. It's just kind of a fix all, it makes you fast, jump high, all that stuff. But if we are talking physical but not super human I would go with patience. It would come in handy to be more patient. 
Do they do the young women program over there?
Yeah, but it is really small. I don't know much about it because I am not a young woman nor do I associate with young women. I actually avoid them.
So are the shoe inserts working for you?
They are working great, thank you so much. I am biking all the time though so that might be part of the reason haha but I feel more supported. 
Any more Bike adventures? You are making some good memories.
Not really, just broken a few times and one extreme downhill on a pretty bad cobblestone road. I didn't fall or anything though so no good story. 
Had your companion ever hunted eggs?
I don't thnk so, but he must have hunted things before because he was really good at it. 
Tell me about your comp. How does he communicated with his family?  what part of Mada is he from?  Family?
He writes snail mail home, he hasn't heard from them yet though. I feel bad for him, but he is fine. He is from Tana, Ambohimanarina. He has a family, that is for sure. He has one sister that is older than him. Other than that I have no idea.
So interesting story of the week is that I lost my nametag. I had it at Chez Billy but I went home and changed and then realized I didn't have it anymore. Fun stuff right? Then I had to use my clip on tag instead of the pocket slide one and that was super annoying. Then I did laundry and washed all my pants. Found the tag. It was in my pants pocket. Fun story right? I thought I had lost my tag that I wanted to keep my whole mission but it was in my dirty pants. Silly Elder Galbreath. But I found it so we are all good now. 

Well, not too much else interesting. I have had my bike break out from under me two days in a row this week. Frame cracked and then the drive shaft bent and the crankshaft fell off. Nice right? French bikes, they suck. I heard a rumor through the grapevine that we are getting some new bikes though, only four are coming to Antsirabe and there are six missionaries on bikes here. Should be interesting. I dibsed to the AP's though. 

Love you!
Elder Galbreath

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