Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for ETERNITY.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey Mom!

For Easter in Mada they get drunk. They have a huge party and the local beer company has a parade and concerts and they all get drunk and annoying. Pretty ridiculous. So Easter sounds like you had a ton of fun, I'm glad Saige let you play with her hair, and Taylor sounds just as adorable as ever. Her letters are the cutest things I have ever read in my life. She signs them in Malagasy. It's great. 
What does Easter make you think about? 
Easter makes me think of family. Not the greatest thing to think about on a mission, but it can be good. I think about family, you guys, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles and cousins, and then I start getting trunky. Then I think about how thanks to the Atonement we can be a family forever. Not just us four, but all the Galbreaths and Freys and Montoyas and everyone. Everyone that wants it anyway. That makes me less trunky because I am here to make Malagasy eternal families. It just kind of gives me a new perspective on missionary work. Pretty good stuff. 

So a few of the missionaries said that they could now get emails from anyone since mail is slow.  So can anyone in the family email you now?
Anyone can email me now. I started emailing Conner, trying to get Sydnees email, anyone can email me. Family or not. Good stuff. 

Dean Petersen saw on the weather channel that there was an invasion of Locust in Mada.  Have you heard anything about that?
I haven't, it might be up north or in the hills.
Have you learned anything new?
Not much really, found a Malagasy band I like, Ambondrona, they are playing a show today in Antsirabe. We probably won't go. 
We all noticed you had a sunburned face.  Do you have sunscreen?
I actually forgot it in Tana. I didn't think I would be this red, started wearing a hat sometimes but you know how bad my face gets. Always red. 
I saw my Itaosy family yesterday! Super cool, they are the Group President of Antsirabe's kids so they were up for Easter. Had a good talk with them at church, and the little girl told me I got really red here. SO that was nice haha but Paulet (younger married guy, speaks english pretty well, went to Jo-berg on his mission) told me when I get transferred back to Tana to call him and we will go to lunch or something. Pretty nice to have friends. Stranger in a strange land and all that.
So, I like the thought about the other people all having made a good decision at least once before their life. That is why they are here.  It's a good thought to have when people ask you to leave and when they only want to bible bash. I did that this week. Bible bashed, I didn't feel good about it though. She wouldn't listen though so we just told her to pray and left. We won't be going back. She couldn't get it through her head that people have agency to do whatever they want to do. It was ridiculous. 
Well, there is really not much interesting this week. Carnival for Easter this weekend. Drunk for the atonement!
Is John and Cari's new address on 4th street? If it is I have it but if not I need it. Got some letters for cousins. 

Love you mom! You're the best
Eldera Galbref

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