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Monday, March 25, 2013


Glad you think you are gaining weight.  How much do you weigh now?
No idea.
Very glad you are enjoying the riding.  Do you really only ride on tuesdays?
Mostly, the bikes here are pretty terrible so they are constantly in need of repairs. My bike is going to get a fresh driveline job from yours truly tonight. It's just so much more convenient on a bike. 
So I was happy to see your pictures.  Explain the dirty shirt.
That's just the typical shoulder dirt from the sweat and backpack straps. Thought I would show you the abuse those shirts are taking. 

I was also curious as to your outfit.  Love the jersey but you had your dockers and tracting shoes.  Do you not have jeans and tennis shoes?  
I do but we went up the mountain and then taught a less active member on the other side, so I packed a white shirt and tie and changed into that before the lesson. Pants and shoes are about the same whatever so I didn't bother wearing jeans and changing. 
Love seeing your desk.  Glad the Captain is keeping you company. 
Oh for sure, he keeps me on track. What did you think of the nose thing? I got another one made, this one has a beard. 
                          Grant thinks this is Garrett's nose.
How are your vitamins holding up?
Like a champ. No problems. 
Went to Youth Conference and a speaker said we send boys on missions to suffer.  Interesting thought.
I believe it. We go through a lot of hard stuff out here. Makes boys into men really quick. It's kind of cool to watch the new kids come in and see how much they change in the first month or two, and know that I did the same thing. 
I will apologize for being a bad Mom because I have not sent your Birthday package yet.  One more thing to put in it.
Is it mac and cheese? I ran out of that recently. If not, no biggie I'll get by but it wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Also make sure you put stuff on the packing slip, when I got Cari's package it was opened and like half empty. I don't know if they sent it half empty or if it got robbed or what but there was nothing written on the packing slip. I felt too bad to tell them it got opened though. I got a big reeses heart, gum, nerds, gobstoppers, a bag of steak strips, and a note so I don't know what they would have taken but it got opened so I don't know. Just be careful. 
Do you need any anti-fungal cream?
I inherited some from Elder Jensen who was in my place here before me but if I use it up I will let you know, thank you very much. I am doing pretty well so far. Had some athletes foot for a while, but I kicked it out. 
1) Moses or Noah?
I am gonna go with Noah on this one. Although it's close. Noah actually walked and talked with God, he was that close to perfect. Plus Moses had to deal with a stinking hard hearted Pharoah, kill an egyptian, and the sons of Israel had the shortest attention span ever. That's another close one though. 
2) Spam or kielbasa?
Kielbasa all the way. Sausage is where it's at. I would do terrible things to innocent people for some summer sausage though. 
3) How many smiley faces are there in the bible?
A lot, Moses and Paul must have been some very happy people, they have a bunch hidden in their writings. 

So the area is going pretty good. It is raining a lot here. So I am packing a jacket every day. Every day for the last week it has been nice and then flash flood status at like six. Or one day at three, and it rained like that all day. Saw a collapsed rice paddy the other day, four or five layers just washed out. Pretty rough stuff, that's someone's lifeline just washed out. Food is gonna be tough for that family. But other than that nothing interesting really. There is this one member family that feeds us every Sunday night and they are really cool. Voahangy is her name. It means pearl, really cool lady. They sell oil for a living, like cooking oil. She makes really good food too, never going hungry on a Sunday night haha 
We taught this guy, he looks like a young black Christopher Walken, and he is very interested. He works on Sundays right now, but his work schedule changes when someone quits so next time he will have Sundays off. Anywho, this guy has been learning for a little while, so I decided we needed to review the Joseph Smith story, he knew about the book of mormon stuff, but not the first vision. I would say that that is a pretty big hole in his learning. So we taught a good hour and a half lesson about that, he had a lot of questions. Pretty bright guy really. Really felt the spirit helping him understand some things too, it's always nice when they are open enough to allow that to happen. 

Anywho, I think that's all I got. 

I love you mom and dad, 
Elder Galbreath

P.S. What day is mothers day? May 12th!!!!! Can’t wait to skype!
Sick! Talk to you then. We have a pretty nice cyber by our house

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