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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New area news

About the same here in Mada, out in the bay area, realizing that these investigators need some work. There is supposed to be three baptisms this saturday but I don't know if it will happen. A lot of the investigators just haven't been taught the basics. You can't just pump these people through your routine lessons and dunk them. People don't work like that. It is so frustrating when this lady has been learning for a year and a half and she still doesn't know that God has a body.  That should be the first thing you teach. But anyway, I am just doing my best to teach them what they need to know. So we might be doing some reconstruction of the program for a little while.
That is way cool about Parker and Bryce! Then they will get home the same time and can speak portugese to each other around the house and stuff.  Way cool stuff. Sydnee is going on a mission, that is so crazy! I wrote her a letter, I hope she gets it before she leaves haha or her parents will have to forward it to her. 
The young womans thing sounds like a lot of fun, I am glad you are enjoying your calling still. Just know that right when you get really good at it you will be released so be ready. 
I'm sorry you were so sick, I assume since you said that in the past tense you are better now? I have been fighting a cold for about a week now but I just tell my body not to be sick and then it isn't, until I get home at night and then I crash hard. 
The new bed sounds like it will be pretty nice, and a weekend breaking it in sounds excellent. My bed is not very supportive, but at least it isn't hard, and it makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning when you aren't too comfortable. 

1) Have you travelled to all of your area yet?
I thought we had, but nope. Sunday we went to church in Andranomanelatra, and the bus to get there took us an hour outside of town. So there is still a fair amount of exploring for us to do. 
2) Anything really cool in the area?  I saw something about the top 15 sites to see while travelling and the Bilbao(?) trees and the Stone forest(?) both of Madagascar made the list.  I remember the trees thing from when we were looking up stuff before you left but I don't know anything about the stone forest.
Um, there is lake Chichiva (spelled wrong probably) and Manandona mountain but neither of those are in our area. Antsirabe is basically one big area and we all just share it, except when it comes to work. P-day and service projects everyone is everywhere. It's super cool really. Baobab trees are mostly in the northwest I guess, there are a lot in Mahajanga and I guess in Toamasina too, but none here. I don't remember where the stone forest is, but it is super cool looking from what I have seen in pictures. I don't know that I will ever get to actually see any of them though. The sad part about being in a cool mission is that you are still on a mission so I don't get to do much sight-seeing. I'm sure you know what I mean. 
3) Are Geckos' all over done there or just in certain areas?  I think you said that the lemurs were only in national parks?
Regular geckos are everywhere. We have one living in our kitchen until I eradicate the cockroaches and then he is out of there. He eats them for now though. I just hope we don't kill him accidentally with the permethrin. But, sometimes there are casualties in wartime. He might be one. I'm willing. I have already dropped about 4 thou on containers for flour and sugar. I can only buy one or two at a time though because it is out in our area so I have to carry it around all day after I buy it. 
So how does mail and packages work now that you are not next to the mission home?  
Mail and packages still go to the office in Tana, they just get sent up here whenever there is someone coming up from there. There is a senior missionary couple, the Todd's, and they were down for the weekend so they should be bringing us supplies and whatever else was down there for us. Mail day! Yeah for couple missionaries!
Do you have phones to check in? 
Yeah, we have phones. All the areas have phones, we use them for whatever, all the missionary phones are free to call too so that is nice. 
Tell me about your new house.
My new house has two other missionaries in it, Elder Moore and Elder Baker. Elder Moore is dying in June and Elder Baker is a newborn. Yay! They are both really cool, Baker is probably not related to the Bakers in Washington although there is always a chance. It is white, so that is good. We have cockroaches though, so that sucks. I am leading the charge on eradication of those things. We clean the kitchen at least twice a day, all the flour, sugar, corn meal, and baking soda is in containers now, permethrin gets sprayed a lot, and they are starting to move to other areas of the house so that is good because it means they can't get by in just the kitchen any more. The shower handle breaks a lot, the hose part, but it's an easy fix. The house is plumbed backwards. Hot and cold water at all the sinks and shower are switched backwards. So that has been interesting to get used too. 
Tell me about a new investigator or less active you have met.  
Um, let's see. We teach this one guy, he looks exactly like a black version of a young Christopher Walken. I don't have any problems though with finding people. Serious investigators are hard to come by through tracting though, so I am pumping the members for referrals. It's been interesting taking over an area where the last six months of missionaries have been a malagasy, a new kid trained by a malagasy, and then said new kid and his malagasy trainee. I told Wyatt a lot about it but I am remaining positive in your emails haha so I won't go too into it. 
Is this a city or more rural than where you were.
Oh boy it is rural. There is so much ambany vohitra-ness here. That just means country side type thing. We walk an average of fifteen to twenty minutes between times. Very open here. 
Not too many interesting stories really. Just teaching people the good old gospel, as brought to you by Jesus Christ himself. 
You left my truck at Lad and people recognized it? They must have been irrigators people wondering why I was at Lad. I didn't know anyone at Lad haha 
I don't know what else is going on really, not much new. Still cleaning hard and often to get rid of roaches. No big fat hissing roaches though, just boring cockroaches, the same as the ones in America as far as I can tell. 
Well mom, I went to our other branch, we work two here, and it was an experience. It was an hour outside of town, on a crowded bus. Then when we got there all the people are like so happy to see us and welcomed us in and asked who I was and told me I was good at Malagasy and everything. Then when sacrament meeting was about to start I went to sit down and there were no more seats. So I sat outside the door, in the hallway, with about 20 other people that came a little late. It was pretty cool. No piano for hymns, just straight a cappella african music. It was pretty cool. One of the deacons didn't have shoes, I was like man, I am definitely in Madagascar. It was pretty cool really. There is supposed to be three people baptized this coming Saturday but due to the same concerns I voiced earlier I don't know how they will do on the interview. So there might not be. We will see though, I told Elder Moore not to pass them if he thinks they aren't ready. I will not baptize someone that isn't ready. Bad things happen when people do that. So they might have to wait a little bit. 

I think that's all I got for this week. I love you! Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera at home today.  I love you so much, I hope the rest of the month goes well for you! 

Well, I think that's all. Oh, except I started compiling a list of all the smily and winky faces, ;) :) in the bible. So that's fun. 

Love you
Elder Galbreath

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