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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mahazo namana vaovao am'ity herinandro ity aho!

I am not going to translate the titles for you, it will be a mystery! You can guess when I send them home and I will translate next week for you. Last weeks was "I'm not crazy, you're crazy"

Thank you so much for the happy birthdy wishes! The videos were great haha and you only hit Wyatt a few times too. Also loved the cousin vid. I can't believe it has been 20 years already. I am basically an adult now. 20 years old. Crazy stuff. Man, you guys are getting old. You have a twenty year old son. 

Anywho,  enough of that. Church sounds fun, your relief society lesson was about my favorite conference talk. I really like that, I wish Malagasy people understood that more. The whole true conversion and enduring to the end. Maharitra hatramin'ny farany! Endure! There are so many people that get baptized because they have a testimony of the appearance of one and then they go inactive like two months later. It is endlessly frustrating to teach those people. You just want to shake them and yell in their face and remind them that baptism was their choice and now they are losing their salvation because they want to sell charcoal on the side of the road on Sunday instead of going to church.

Family history work! Fun stuff. I kind of want to get into that but I am a little busy right now. I think post mission though I might do it. I don't know though. 

Man, Randall is almost home. That is so crazy to me. How much longer does Ayden have? Or is he home already? I don't remember any more. 

Not too much going on really. Very quiet around here. Found a great scripture though, 3 Nephi 5:12. Read it, it's good. 

1) Bigfoot or Yeti?
I think Bigfoot on this one. Yeti is an arctic guy and I am not a fan of the cold. It is getting pretty cold here in the mornings and at night now. Right around 65 or 70. Still warm during the day but I pack a sweater for night time and rock sweats and a hoodie in the morning. 
2) Tell us all about your first birthday in a foreign country.
It was honestly a lot like every other Sunday. I went out to Andranomanelatra in the morning for church, came home, taught some lessons, then went to a soiree with some members. That was great. The food was amazing, we had some pasta that was way good, then rice and pork with like cheese sauce stuff, not sure really but it was way good loaka, and then we had cake and bananas and juice. I was stuffed. It was way good and the members are way cool and they didn't even break eggs and flour over my head haha which is the tradition here in Mada for birthdays. So I was happy with that. Then I went home, waited for transfer news, got transfer news, went to bed. Mor eon transfers later. 
3) Your bike into the rice paddy wreck made me remember the rice paddies in Korea.  Ours smelled terrible.  Is there a scent to the ones in Mada?
There is, but it's not too bad really unless you fall in. The ones here in Antsirabe are cleaner too, the ones in Tana reeked. 
4)Youth or Wisdom?
I think I am gonna go with wisdom. We are supposed to learn wisdom in our youth, not learn to be youthful in our wisdom. Also youth is great but you do a lot of stupid stuff that makes you learn wisdom, I would rather just get on with it and be wise already. Working on that as a twenty year old. Youth is falling behind. 

So I mentioned transfers back up there. I figured I would be with Rakotoniaina longer but he is moving on to bigger and better places, Toamasina to be specific. He is gonna be on the beach. I am getting a new companion, but he is already here in Antsirabe working in a different area. His name is Elder Kumar. He is super cool, parents are Hindu and he was born in Fiji. Our borders touch actually. He is super cool, way funny. Speaks hindi, fijian, and is learning french english and malagasy. He is pretty good at english though, he mixes a lot of malagasy when he talks though. I like talking to him because I can talk like I think, about half and half languages. I might even be able to pick up some Fijian. That would be cool. He is moving houses too, coming across town to our house. He is also good at contacting. That's good because I need to learn to be better at that. I am excited to work with him though! He is really cool. No other changes in our house though. 

Really nothing too interesting this week. Had a really cool ride back from an investigators house last Tuesday, downhill on some cobblestone road that was mostly covered in dirt. Pretty fun, and not too sketchy either. 

We gave a guy named Jeremy a bap date this week. He was super ready, we just have to get him off tobacco and coffee. Shouldn't be too bad, he only drinks like a cup a day and he really wants to change. He is so diligent, really has a desire to get better. It's really cool for me to be able to teach him. 

Other than that though... I'm not too sure.  Taylor's baptism sounds really great. That's super cool that Grandma made her dress and her little sister sang. I am sure proud of her. 

Well Dad, I love you a bunch. I will tell you guys more about my companion next week after I have actually worked with him. 

Love you!
Elder Galbreath

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