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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manahoana fianakaviana, salama ve?

Hello hello. I would ask if mom was on her way to work already but apparently she is moving around in the world so you're all probably still in bed. (Nope still up early) Except Dad maybe, but I'm really not sure how the time change works so whatever. Anyway, thank you (misoatra) for making your fantanina (must be questions) easy to find in the letters this time haha

The letter home about the language:
I have not written/sent that yet. My desire to write letters went way down haha so I am going to write you guys a couple of big fat letters today full of more boring information than you could possibly want to know. If he only knew how much we want to know.

Have I seen Thomas or anyone else:
I saw Thomas on his first day but I haven't seen him since, he is in a different residence hall and on a completely different schedule than I am so the odds are pretty slim but I am keeping my eyes open. I saw Elder Alvarado the other day though, he is in the room right by the vending machine on the bottom floor so I saw him on Hot Pocket Wednesday for a couple weeks. By the way, the vending machine funds come from the six dollars a week the MTC gives me, His first allowance! We were not allowance giving parents not my personal money.

My favorite activity last week:
Um, I played basketball yesterday for the first time in a long time and that was a lot of fun. I wore my new shoes (thank you so much! They are perfect, but for future reference I wear a twelve. They work good because I can lace them tight enough my feet don't slide but I don't need a 13. I know, I let down the family by not getting to a 13) Ok when did that happen? He has shared shoes with Grant and Wyatt forever. Mom of the year award lost again for not knowing his size. I swear we had bought him 13’s before.

How is the language going?
Hmm. Well, it's pretty rough. We are completely off notes in our lessons now so we can only teach using the words in our heads, pretty frustrating really. It's crazy hard but I am getting it, I just need to have patience. What else is new right? I am glad he recognizes areas he needs to work on.

Am I liking being a ZL?
I am actually, I really like walking the new missionaries around from our zone and showing them the ropes a little bit, and it makes it easier to be a friend because they know who I am. One of the new Elders going to New York City North nicknamed Elder Mitchel and I Phineas and Ferb. I'm Ferb. Bad part of not having TV, I have no idea who those are. Guess I should look them up.

Have I connected with anyone here:
Elder Eppich is pretty cool, we seem to have a similar thought process a lot of the time.

Something I learned about Madagascar:
Um, they circumcise their kids at like eight years old.

Anything else I need:
Cholula! They have it here for breakfast but it is always empty and the food is so bland it's not even funny in the mornings. Also send a sunrise/sunset picture. I don't know of anything else right now. Another package will be going out. I am going to send an extra for Madagascar.

Tell you a story.
Alright. So we are teaching an "investigator" named Miandry. He is a little slow to understand what we are teaching. We taught him how to pray and had him say the closing prayer and he said dear heavenly father and then proceeded to thank Jesus for things and ask Jesus for things and close in the name of Jesus Christ. So close, and yet so far. These are role playing investigators if you did not know that already. Based on people the “actors” have taught.

In other news, we got Taco Bell yesterday. There is an elder going to Malaysia who has a bulged disc or something like that and he is going to physical therapy in Salt Lake. His parents get to take him there and everything, so it's pretty cool. He should be ok in a couple weeks according to the doctor so that's good. Anyway last night he comes in with his backpack on and smiles at us and everything, and then he pulls a 12 pack of Doritos Locos Tacos out of his backpack and gives them to us. Stellar. I have never before in my life referred to Taco Bell as "real food" but last night it was perfect. I kept all the hot sauce too haha That is a little scary that Taco Bell is real food.
Dad, you are spot on with the temptation increasing when we leave the home thing. I'm on a mission, so it's not exactly the same, but I can testify that Satan doesn't let up because we are having a rough time. Heavenly Father won't give us any more than we can handle, but he trusts us a lot haha so sometimes, a lot of the time even, it seems like more than we can do to keep our head above water. Satan wants us to be miserable, and just like a linebacker takes advantage of a hole in the offensive line to hurt the QB, Satan will take advantage of any holes in our defense to hurt us. Look at Joseph Smith. He literally saw God and Jesus Christ. If Satan ever had a reason to give up that was it. But he did everything to bring him down. Joseph Smith buried I think six children, and was married to his wife for only 17 years. Thank heaven for eternity. This is what a parent loves to hear. The growth in their knowledge of their Heavenly Fathers love and of his plan for us is amazing.

Well I am running out of time but I want to say a couple more things real quick. First, Vaughn J. Featherstone spoke to us at a fireside last week or the week before, and it was amazing. He said "a bell's not a bell until you ring it. A song's not a song until you sing it. A testimony isn't a testimony until you share it. Knowledge isn't knowledge until you use it." Wow. He also told us that even though we have never been to our mission before, the Holy Ghost has. He is preparing the way for us.
Check out the rendition of Have I Done Any Good? by Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmussen Herbert. It's sick. Need to look that up.

I love you all so much. Thank you for the packages and ugly ties, they are great. Pictures will be mailed out this week, promise. I am trying to be patient and wait but it is so hard!!!!
Love, Elder Galbreath (the fifth) I am so grateful for the 4 that preceded him and the examples they have been. You know who you are (LOL).

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