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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good morning fianakaviana!

So, I still can't find your questions so if you could make sure and number them so they are impossibly easy to find I would appreciate it.

Well, I'm a month in to the MTC. 23 to go! The language is progressing, but it kind of stalled out lately so that's been frustrating. I think I might start making progress again in the next couple of days so that will be nice. We have another new teacher, his name is Brother Pixton. He doesn't speak Malagasy but he is a really good teacher for the doctrinal aspect of the MTC and that way Brother Sender (or Rahalay Pandefa) can focus on the language with us. It's a nice balance. Brother Sell is gone this week too with his family, going to the Grand Tetons. I don't even know what a teton is. This is me shaking my head in shame. But whatever, he will be back in a week. Then Brother Sender is leaving for a while to go home and see his family in Ohio. His mom had a baby while he was on his mission, crazy. Her name is whoops.

We had a really sweet fireside last Tuesday. Vaughn J Featherstone (who looks crazy familiar by the way) of the Emeritus Seventy came and spoke. He had just had a surgery on his knee so he had to use a chair about halfway through his talk, but man! He was so good. So interesting, and so smart! I forgot my notes in the residence but I am planning on writing a letter and sending a couple things home with it. It’s a good thing I am not holding my breath, he said that last week. No pictures though, because you keep asking for them haha Maybe he is not so funny.

Tell Wyatt it would be sweet if he ever wrote me a letter, and that I am praying for his finger but I definitely want a picture of it. Maybe when it heals he will have a sweet scar he can freak opposing linemen out with. Yeah, that sounds good.

I seriously miss sunrises. I have told you about it before. If you wanted to take a picture of the sunrise and send it to me with the time that it was taken I would not object. It's almost five thirty here and still pitch black. In the middle of the summer! How do they live like this? Ugh. All that farm work spoiled him seeing amazing sunsets over here.

I got two sweet care packages this week, one from Mom and one from Megan. Thank you so much! One thing though, we aren't allowed to chew gum here so I don't need any more of that. The shorts have been such a blessing.

My knees have been really sore after soccer lately, so I don't know what is going on with that. It's pretty rough terrain and my shoes are very broken in, so that might be it. Can you guess what I am sending in the next package? It's definitely not the amount of times I fall every game. MTC soccer is very competitive and physical soccer. No slide tackling allowed though, so I have only obliterated one guy. Season ender. He was European though so whatever. Not sure what that means but I hope he is OK.

Each week I am more and more grateful I am not learning French. I know it's like a romance language and whatever else but I can't stand it. Also there about a million sister missionaries learning french and I don't think I need to deal with that. Apparently from another letter they are really cute.

We got 31 new missionaries this week, 8 going to Las Vegas West and the rest going to Singapore Malasia. Super intense! The Malays are learning the language crazy fast, they are already mostly off notes for their lessons and it's been exactly three days since they started learning. It's super awesome. We are getting I think 8 more elders this week, going to New York City North English speaking.

The Rochies and Spokaners left yesterday, so keep an eye out for them. Elder Church got a picture with me for evidence and they know to watch for you guys in Mo-town. I don't know if they will remember the Ritzville part but if they see them just remind them they are related to their amazing favorite ZL. (zone leader)

I am sure there is more I want to tell you, but I forgot my planner with all my letter notes in it so I guess this will have to do for now. Pioneer day is today, so that should be interesting. I guess it's like a second fourth of July around here, all the shops close and people do fireworks and everything. Crazy Utah mormons for you. The temple opens back up tomorrow, so we will be able to go next p-day. So excited! I miss going to that place.

Thank you for giving me Christians address, I'm gonna write him today and say what's crackin. I may or may not actually say those words, but whatever.

I have felt the spirit so much stronger as I have been focusing on other people in my prayers lately and I know that this is part of forgetting myself and going to work.

I love you so much you guys. It's almost silly. I am so happy I have you guys.

Love you all.

Elder Galbreath

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