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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bleh (that's what he titled it)

It's six in the morning. I hate having to get up this early to do laundry because the machines are full all day unless we get up too early to be alive. Good thing he had training with early morning seminary. Alright so here are the questions I could find from the dear elders I remembered to bring with me this morning.
P-Days are going good so far, lots of letter writing. We usually go to the temple on Tuesdays but the temple is closed right now until the 24th so we will be able to go the Tuesday after that. It opens on a Wednesday too, so we will miss it by one day.
I'm so excited for Thomas and Conner! I saw Elder Alvarado the other day, he is on the first floor of our residence hall.
The turtle sticker thing is pretty sweet I won't lie. I put a cool turtle on my side mirror to remind me of him, looking for a moose for Wyatt. My clothes are staying pretty white too.
Alright so the next care package should include more gym shorts and shirts. I have 3 shorts and 3 shirts to exercise in and at the end of the week they smell super bad. I would appreciate some more of those. Also ugly ties would be appreciated, we do ugly tie Mondays and I have to do the same two on a rotation. Uglier the better. OK everyone, any help out there? I am gonna send you some note cards in a letter with some vocab and the alphabet and letter combos on it.
I am sending you guys letters as often as I can but I don't like writing two letters before I get one back. He must mean you other guys. Also it takes me about four days of writing to get a good letter done. Tell Wyatt that I am writing him too. I sent him a letter to scout camp, I hope it makes it up there, (it did) his address in the dear elder he sent me wasn't very clear. I got a letter from him though so now I have a return address.
I got a letter from Elder Plate too, but the return address was in Mandarin so I can't write him back. Also can I have Elder Manly's address? I want to write him some time.
I miss my puppy! Thanks for giving me an update on them in the letter it was good to hear they haven't changed. Air Odin! The soccer dog haha
Well, things are going on at about the same rate out here in the valley. I am not digging being in a valley though. The sun comes up at like nine and goes down at like six thirty behind the mountains. Super depressing. I miss the farm life. YE HAW! I wear my plaid shirt and jeans every P-day because it reminds me of when I worked all the time haha now I just work with my brain. Not as much fun I'll tell you right now. I have gained a half a pound since I have been here so that is good. Bulking up for Mada. A half pound in 3 weeks?? Really? I can do that in a few hours. Love that boy’s metabolism.
I have heard so many awesome things about that place I can't even remember them all right now. There are a lot of ticks there though. The people are crazy nice! I guess a lot of the time they will let you in just because you are white. And he is a tall handsome white boy. He should be talking a lot! The biggest problem I guess is getting them to keep commitments, because they will agree to anything because you are white. We made it our goal as a district to reactivate and baptize enough people to get a temple announced before we leave Madagascar. Keep that in your prayers please.
I met three missionaries going to the Spokane Washington mission! They are in my zone. I told them it was the second best mission in the world behind Madagascar. Elder Church, Elder Figgins, and Elder Tingey. Alright we will watch for these guys. They are pretty cool guys. I guess there was a fourth but after the first day he decided he couldn't handle the mission so he threw his bags over the fence, jumped over and took off. Right in the middle of the night. So that's interesting. Sad, I hope he is well.
Well, I'm almost out of time. I love all of you guys so much! Tell the Ritzville family to write me! OK Galbreath’s you are in the hot seat!! Elder Moulton described mail time as Christmas twice a day but Santa comes less than half the time. Think about it.
I love you guys.
Elder Galbreath.
Oh! Favorite scripture right now is all of 2 Timothy chapter 1 I think, it might be wrong. Bye!
If he is talking about 2 Timothy I love verse 7. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Our missionaries will definitely be using those three things.
Special thanks to Elder Moulton's Mom who is allowing me to steal pictures of Garrett from her blog.  Someday he will send me some.

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