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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey there.

So, my week was pretty boring. We had a bunch of members feed us Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday before lunch, so I was pretty full. Then I spent most of Thursday waiting for my new comp because he was supposed to be here about 2 and he showed up about 6:30. Not his fault, the bus doesn't leave until it's full. He is really cool though. Elder Mocellin, French, super skinny. Loves skinny ties, skinny pants, thin fit shirts, all that stuff. He has a bazillion scarves. He is a really good cook, and super picky about food. Also he eats almost nothing. I have to finish his food for him most of the time. He is a year and a half in Mada, so he is pretty good at Malagasy. He is a super hard worker and as for the French thing, he just doesn't bring up that he is french haha. If people ask he doesn't lie or anything but he doesn't mention it. Malagasy people are just poisoned from the years of French rule. Not a good deal for him haha but by and large they don't care too much. Doesn't like using french when he teaches either so it's good things. He is getting used to the bike though. He hasn't ridden one on his mission yet, and before he lived in the city so if he rode is was flat and smooth. Not the case here at all. But he is a really good missionary and a hard worker. We get along well. He loves asian stuff, and is very artsy. So yeah, not me at all. But it's good. I'm excited for this companionship. 

Farming techniques. Here in Mada they do everything by hand. They have hand scythes for harvest, and cow carts for transport of goods. Lots of rice paddies, terraced hillsides. I haven't actually learned that much about the farming techniques here, but I want to haha. Everything by hand though. Everything. 

Sunflowers sound cool, huge field of flowers. Romantic haha you better send me all the senior pics that you get from the lady. I seem to remember you guys getting a package for that at the dessert social, is Julie Waites doing the pictures? If not who is? 

I taught a guy the other day who would not accept that there are still prophets. That was so frustrating. I showed him the scripture in Amos 3:7, I showed him that God and Jesus Christ do not change and they worked through prophets before. He wouldn't buy it. So it just came down to I showed the scriptures and explained it and bore testimony of living prophets. I just said "and you can choose to believe it or not, you have your agency" We went back the next time and he was like, "well missionaries, I thought about it and there could be prophets today. I don't know if I believe you have them or not but I admit there could be." So we are off to a good start. Other than that though not too much interesting. 

The Todds are from Utah, not sure where exactly. He used to be the head of the engineering department at BYU and before that he worked at Michelin as the head of the design team and has about a million patents. He is a super smart guy. 

Love you a bunch, 
Elder Galbreath

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