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Monday, August 5, 2013

Well, watershed festival sounds like fun. Nothing like spending a weekend in the midst of the heathens to make you miss your winter home in Zion right? 
Concert drama is always fun. It's gotta be hard to have to turn people away from what you are trying to give them. Not that I would know. Also tell Jay I am doing great, getting tan all the time. Also let him know I am rocking a sounders jersey for soccer games here. He should like that. 

Gotta love running into famous people at rock shows right? Like the time we saw Rob Zombie and I was so star struck I couldn't talk to him? Cool stuff.
 I have been very blessed to serve in only two areas thus far, it really lets me get to know the people and the people like and trust me in my branches so they help with the missionary work. Also I get along with all my companions so that helps. Fun stuff. Not like Conner, still in his birth area. Crazy stuff. That kid is a trooper. 
I have been writing Conner and Sydnee. Conner sent me a picture and holy cow you weren't joking. He is so skinny. I almost didn't recognize him. He looks like an adult now haha and Sydnee I haven't seen but she always sounds super happy and loving her mission. She is starting to really like her stateside mission which is good, since she could conceivably be there the rest of her mission. That sucks, but a mission isn't about where you serve, but how you serve. Everyone knows that. I remember a guy I talked to one time back in mo-town who had a stereotype about missionaries that serve stateside. he wasn't shy about it either. He got a mission call and left and came back within two or three months. So stereotypes are full of crap. So are people that judge others based on their mission. But whatever, I love my mission and I don't want to leave. So, yeah. 
Dad told me about the gel fight for the senior pictures. Sounds fun! Gotta love having the mom tears to win any fight. Like when I didn't want to help with the Christmas tree, or about any other time we argued. Senior pictures sound way fun though. You better send me all the ones you get. None of this "we like this one most so that's the one you get" crap like with the family pictures. I haven't seen a good picture of that kid since I left. So that's my begging. Just let me see them when they are done. 
I have learned lately that sometimes what you have to do now sucks because of what you did before, or what you are going to have to do in the future, but you still have to do it. It's scary sometimes, and it's always hard but when you rely on the faith in Christ then it is a lot easier. 
So my week was interesting. Not really it wasn't that interesting. Not much happened really. My companion is having a hard time getting used to the cold here, so he was sick enough to not be able to work on Wednesday. The rest of the week he was able to power through. He slept all day on Wednesday, literally didn't get out of bed in the morning and finally woke up at about 5. So I spent all day doing paperwork, updating the area book, cleaning the house, and knitting. Yes, knitting. My scarf is getting pretty long. I'll send you a picture when it is finished. However, our house was super clean and the paperwork is starting to get figured out. So that's good. 
 On Thursday we had district meeting, Elder Baker brought the lesson. I really liked it, it was about expectations. He used the talk by Tad R. Callister from the last conference, about how people will rise and fall to your expectations. I related it to the talk by President Monson in November about seeing people as they may become. He said if we have low expectations, we will get low results. Elder Baker also pointed out that the essence of expectations is faith. If we have faith in the people being able to complete the (insert thing here) then we can truly expect them to get it done. He also said that confidence is a very important part of expectations. In Ether 12:14 it talks about how the faith of the missionaries changed the people, which we can alter only slightly and say that the expectations of the missionaries changed the people. Elder Mocellin had a really good insight on that too and he said that in his mission he isn't hunting for baptisms or anything like that, he just helps the people to understand and be truly converted and they will go from there. I really like that thought because before in this mission the emphasis was baptize baptize baptize and we have a bajillion less actives. So now the stress is on getting people diligent and truly converted. I get some flack from the leaders every now and then but it is easy enough to explain to them that we need them converted before baptism, not baptized and then hopefully in the future they will be converted. So now we have 150ish people out there that are members of the church and this sunday there were 52 people at church. So it's pretty clear that there is some work to do. But we are trucking along and getting stuff done. 

Alright question time. 

Any new food you have run into lately.  Being in the same area probably not but you never know.
Nothing really, My french companion is a really picky eater though. His mom stopped cooking for him that's how picky he is. And he eats almost nothing, like portion-wise. So he cooks a lot at home, and he is going to teach me how to cook and I am going to teach him how to add flavor to food. He made me spaghetti the other night, and it was good but it was super bland. Then I made something, can't remember what. It tasted way good though, and he said it was too strong he couldn't eat it. 
Any new investigators.  
Not recently, we hit a dry spell but we still have a lot of investigators that are progressing towards baptism and so our schedule is staying full. 
How are your recent baptism people doing?  Do they get support from the other members?
They are doing solid. The members are all friends with them, one of them just got the aaronic priesthood, one of them is the second counselor in the young womens presidency now, and they are all doing way good. Strong testimonies and they come to church and go to all the activities and everything. 
There is a lot of talk about shoes on the missionary Mom emails.  How are yours holding up and are you glad you got the ones you did or have you seen other elders with some you would have preferred?
Shoes are quite the subject. I am really happy with mine, I have seen others that look nicer or would be great for a stateside mission but none that I think are better or longer lasting than mine. I wish I had taken better care of my shoes though. I didn't polish them for the first year of my mission, and the leather started to dry and crack and the threads were breaking but I started polishing them now and got the seams re-sewed so they are good. If I had taken better care of these bad boys they would be perfect. 
It was cloudy here the past few days how is your weather going? 
It's cold. It rained a couple nights ago but nothing during the day. It is super cold though. I wear a scarf every night, just a thick wool one for the ride home, and my toes are freezing right now. 
Did you get the CTR tie I sent last time.  I loved the colors of it.  Speaking of ties, I would like you to bring home the ones you liked to wear or wore or really liked so I can make a project from them.  I can send you other ties to leave there if you want me too.  It is your choice though. 
I did! I keep trying to send pictures of me wearing it home but it never works out. I really like it though, looks great with the brown pants. I will bring back the ones I liked or wore. I am gonna keep the fishy tie to wear though, so no projects on that one. 

After District meeting we were headed to lunch across town, and I was stopped at an intersection waiting for traffic to clear up a little and I had a window to cross the street. So I stepped on my left pedal to go across, and the axle snapped in half. My whole body weight came down on my wrists. It didn't feel good. Nothing broken or swollen even but it hurt. So I had to go buy a new axle and have the bike guy repair it before we could go to work. It wasn't a day we could walk, we went a long long way. So that was fun. 
 So other than that no real news. There was a transfer last night but nothing changed in our district. So not interesting haha 
Well I will throw you a scripture here, Alma 32:15. It talks about how those who humble themselves are more blessed than those who are compelled to be humble. I really like it. SO I am trying to make the members and investigators here understand that they need to humble themselves and then if they don't get I slam them. Yeah it's better to humble yourself then to be humbled but it is also better to be humbled than to go to hell. So it's a touchy ladder you know? Anywho, I liked it. 
Well, that's all I got for today. One picture on photobucket for you guys. My comp is super french so he rocks scarves when it is cold so Wednesday night I rocked one to dinner. Also scored a sick hoodie at a friperie place in town. You will have to see it. 

Well I am glad to hear you are doing well. Also happy to hear that you still love me haha I am so happy to have you as my mom and I love you so much. 

I love you, 
Elder Galbreath

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