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Monday, July 8, 2013

Halako izany fandikan-teny izany

So, I had another big day of translating yesterday. Second week in a row I have done four hours of translating for Elder Todd. It's not that I hate translating, I just am so worn out after doing it. I actually fell asleep at a members house last night after they gave us dinner. But they are cool so they just woke me up and had a good laugh. Then I went home and went to bed. We had a hard week too, but we got a lot done. We taught 41 lessons, had two baptisms, and a branch missionary activity on Saturday. So essentially we taught 41 times in four days. Beat that missionaries that eat good food and go to the temple! I am deprived of earthly pleasures so I just go all out on the work. Rice is good too. Literally rice at every meal. 

I like the bike ride analogy. It is a very good one. Plus I ride bikes a lot so it applies to me. 

I'm really sorry this is such a lame email after I "chastised" you guys for not sending me stuff. 

I gave the lesson in district meeting on the fourth of July, and we had Whitney Houston guest sing the National Anthem for the opening hymn. I was gonna give the lesson on freedom and liberty, but I felt led to obedience instead. So that's what it was. I talked about how the gospel doesn't change. The rules don't change, even though society does. In the whiplash of society we can keep a firm grasp on the iron rod and not waver. Then I asked why we should obey. First reason, love. If you love me, keep my commandments? Stuff like that. Second reason, blessings. If we obey we are immediately blessed. If you want I can send you a letter with a better rundown of the lesson, we are a little short on time today. Then I hit it hard. I asked if everyone understood that we should obey. Everyone did. Then I asked "So why don't we?" Room goes quiet. Elder Proudeau says "because we are weak" Elder Baker offers "Temptation" I basically summed it all up. Justification, laziness, and pride. Basically, in the words of President Adams, weapons of rebellion. Put down your weapons of rebellion and just do it. Pretty solid lesson. You can give that to ward person or just tell me and I can write a letter with a more eloquent thought in it. 

So did you have more baptisms?  
We did! Dina and Emile, sorry cyber is being gay I can't send pictures today. Next week though I promise. 
What excitement have you had this week. 
Not too much really. Saturday I had seven and a half plates of rice and loaka, and a liter and a half of Coca Cola. 
Did you find sweaters?  Beside the plaid one everyone owns. Also I did not send any because it would have cost 26 just to send one sweater.  If you can’t find any I will try to squeeze one in.  
I found one, a fleece one that hasn't even been owned before. So it's nice, I wear it most nights. No worries, there is stuff here.
How are your inserts working or are they working?  
They are great, my feet feel fine. If you would stick another pair in with the next package whenever that may be I would appreciate it though, I don't know how long they will last. 
Need anything?
Love, prayers, a nap. I am getting by just fine. I am just tired a lot haha 
Fried any chicken yet?
Not yet, I am too lazy to be honest. 
Want anything from this side of the world?
Just prayers and love. I am good, pretty adjusted to life in Mada. I actually haven't even run out the stuff from my last package yet. Well, the last one actually I ate in about a week. The one before that though is mostly still sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. 
Remember that your parents love you more than you can possibly know.
You know, reading the scriptures a lot lately I am discovering there are a lot of things I can't know. Where are the three nephites right now? Where is John the Beloved? What is in the bermuda triangle? Just how many worlds are there? Maybe I should ask these questions to Wyatt. He seems like he would know some of this stuff. Are mermaids real? Everyone by the ocean has those myths, but no actual proof yet. I just might have to wait until the resurrection. Or, if I get diagnosed with some incurable disease I am going to sort everything out and fly straight into the Bermuda Triangle. 

Sorry kind of a lame email today. I am exhausted.  Elder Kumar and I are working super hard and it is wearing me down. We are getting a lot done though, so it's good. 

Well, I love you all very much. Tell Shad I say happy late birthday. Give him kisses for me. 

Love you,
Elder Galbreath

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