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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Made it! Finally in Madagascar.

I made it. Finally. YAHOO!!! It is so amazing here! The driving is crazy here though, no street signs or stop lights anywhere. I am so excited to get to work though, it will be amazing. 

I just lost my whole email. Bleh. Alright, well here is the RD version. Don’t know what RD means.

I didn't get charged anything extra for bags, but I bought Wyatt a sick tunic at the South Africa airport. It's orange. I'll send it home soon. He does love his brother. I'll say Hi to Elder Walker and Elder George for Mom and maybe Walker will be my trainer :-) I follow their blogs and talk of them to him.  I hope he does meet them, Sis George helped me a lot with what to send him with.  

Sorry the cards didn't work, but they don't expire for 36 months after the last reload or activation. I love you guys so much! His in US calling cards worked so we spoke in Salt Lake and Chicago but not the international one.  They didn’t tell us he needed some special code. To quote Garrett “Bleh”.

I have to go now, but I did make it and I am so excited! Madagascar is so beautiful! 

Love, Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

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