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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mpamono totosy za.

I am a mouse killer.

We have had a mouse problem in our house for a while now. So I decided that as the crowned food chain toppers we can solve this problem. When we saw a mouse we got a couple elders to flush it and stood by with my sandals on. As soon as it made a run for it, I pounced. Dumb thing never stood a chance. I killed three in two days. We know there are more but they are getting smarter and we haven't seen them. Biding our time.
Not a ton of cool stuff went down this week really. It has been super windy, and rained for like five days straight. We were riding out to our area on Saturday and saw a palm tree blown over. That was pretty intense. Took out a power line and hit a building. Luckily it was a big business warehouse thing and not a house. So it just dented the edge. Houses are not real sturdy here.

Please do post the family pics, I want to see them haha.

Have you heard from anyone else? 
I haven't heard from anybody. I wrote Sydnee today though so hopefully she writes me back.
Those kids were so cute!  Are there any ugly kids there?  
I kind of doubt it.

Well my amazing son I will let you go do your fun things.  I hope you have some things planned.  What do you do besides walk on the beach on p-day?
We are going to go play soccer/football/rugby today, and go to a super nice restaurant to celebrate my two years mark(ish) and Elder Arrieus' chick mission mark.
What is your favorite thing about going to the temple? 
Just the temple. There is no favorite. The feeling there is just incredible.
Words of wisdom to your brother?
O mba hendry, inona no azoko lazaina ankoatra izany? Jacob something something, it's in the Book of Mormon. Oh be wise, what more can I say?
Some requests for when you send me a package though.
Pepper sticks
girl scout cookies, assuming you haven't eaten all the ones I left in the freezer.
Instant mashed potatoes
Jello mix

Whatever else you feel is pertinent. Make sure you put stickers of Jesus on it. No rush either, I am not desperate.  

I love you a ton. So much. I hope you are all doing well.
That means hello again, it's what you say when you greet someone for the second time in one day.
First things first. Saturday was eventful. We went out in the morning to play basketball with some members. Actually a lot of members. We did three on three games to five, loser gets switched out. Well after five games in a row me, Elder Davis and Elder Roush got tired and voluntarily switched out. It wasn't exactly fair. There were a few games where we went 5 and 0. But we were nice to the people that were really bad and let them score a couple times. Then we went out to our area. The first person we taught is a single mother of four kids, three of whom are preparing for baptism with her. The oldest one is old enough that he can decide and he doesn't care about the church so he doesn't learn. Everyone else is way solid. Then we went out to the farther part of our area. After a mildly embarassing language flub (ask Wyatt about that) we went and taught a recent convert who is way solid. He told us he has a friend who lives in a neighborhood called Canada. I was like ok, how great can he be? Show me somewhere called America and I will be impressed. But we can't turn people down based on that alone, especially married men. So off we went. Well as it turns out Canada is the friggin' beach. This guy literally lives in a bamboo hut on the beach. Granted most houses here are bamboo huts but his house was no kidding maybe 30 feet from the ocean at high tide. Pretty sweet. The couple are way cool too, they seem really interested and asked when we were coming back before we could even bring it up. So I am excited about that. The only bummer is that they are pretty far from the church. But other members that live out there come every week, so hopefully they stay diligent. Then we went to his daughter's house. He said they might want to learn too. Well when we got there there was an old lady who introduced herself as "Madame Olivet, preacher of the gospel". Well nice to meet you. So we tried to just give them a first pamphlet and our phone number and get out of there because we were interrupting but then a bunch of other people showed up, all from the local Assembly of God church. They were really polite and we said we needed to go so we could visit the other people in our program. They thanked us for visiting and said they would pray for us. I thought, ok, that's something nice you say to people when they leave. Nope. They all stood up, said we could stand or sit, whatever made us comfortable. I thought it would be polite to stand with them, so we did. Then the main guy started praying. Fairly normal, prayed to Jehovah but lots of people do that here. Then everyone else kicked in. Not repeating his words, but actually saying their own, independent prayers. They followed his tone of voice and intensity. He gradually crescendoed until he was shouting about "cast out devils in their path" and "don't let the devil tempt them" and then he calmed back down and said amen. It was the craziest thing I have experienced in a church environment. My comp was trying so hard not to laugh. So we got out of there and went and taught a couple more people. Nothing exciting the rest of the night but yeah.

I do have a couple stories this week, I will add one here maybe and give the rest to Mom so you guys feel equally loved.

1) Top investigator moment for the week?
Probably this new couple we taught last night. They were a referral from A, the member lady I told you about up there ^. We walked over to their house and they were like "Come in! We have been waiting for you!" I was like, um, ok. I am not going to argue with people telling me to teach them. So we went in and started talking to them and they were telling us how they used to pray at the "Adventist combined church of victory" pretty different name but it flows better in Malagasy. They said that when they learned there everyone was screaming and they had someone screaming into each ear about Jesus and cast out devils and all that stuff and they had a headache and ringing in their ears for a whole day. So they decided there was no way that church was true. Then A told them about our church and they liked the sound of it. So we taught them a first last night and they paid really close attention and asked a lot of good questions. I am super excited for them.
2) Top missionary moment for the week?
The same one maybe haha we taught 42 lessons this week which is pretty dang good.
3) Best little kid story this week?
I don't think I have one. There was this little kid named B that is super cute.
We ate sugar cane this week too. Video posted, but I don't actually eat any in the video and my comp cuts himself. So, it's mediocre. I don't know if you have had any before but it just tastes like a tree and when you chew it sugar water comes out. Weird. Posted some pics of spiders for Chase.
I love you a ton. I know you worry about me but the last couple weeks were just weird, nothing to worry about. I just felt very meh. I feel better now though, scored some nice jerseys.

Glad you are going to church even working nights on Sunday. Makes me happy.
Much love,

Elder Galbreath

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