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Monday, June 16, 2014

hey hey hey mom.

So just a heads up my email is going to be lame probably this week. Your necklace is beautiful, can you send me a pic of Dad's watch?
The translators are malagasies that served english missions, so what they say in Malagasy is way easy to understand but they don't pick everything up that is said. So yeah. I am getting close again with my Malagasy, still picking it up little by little. My comp helps a lot too, he actually corrects me when I say things wrong.
The mouse is still at large. We are investigating new poisons this week.
I really don't have anything else to talk about. Sorry. I am just kind of meh lately. Work here is kind of stalling and the weather has been poopy. It's a thing. I'll get over it.

Well your week sounds exciting and interesting, mine was not. It rained quite a bit. I wish it would stop doing that, if I wanted a rainy beach and overcast skies I would go to Seattle. That is so weird that Wyatt is going to be an elder and go through the temple. I can't even handle that.

Education is for sure a big thing. We study an hour or more every day and I still feel like I don't know very much. We use the student manuals and gospel principles and everything, there is just so much to learn. Every time President Adams teaches he just blows me away with knowledge. Pretty silly really.

1) Have you eaten anything that really stands out in your mind this week?
Had some passion fruit, it was way sour. The juice is delicious though. I love it. I had some way good sausage yesterday. The skin wasn't very thick and there was hardly any chunks of fat in it.

2)What is it about LDS people that makes some of them instantly recognizable?
I have no idea. Really don't.
3) Is Fathers Day a thing over there or is it just and American thing?
They celebrate it. The primary came into Elder's quorum and sang and gave the dads paper neck ties. Pretty cool. then two kids came over to us and gave me and my companion one each. Pretty cute. So I have a Father's Day present for you when I get home haha

Sorry my email is lame, it's just been a very bland week. We had a baptism on Saturday though, three member kids. Two of them didn't get baptized when they were eight so we had to teach them. The third one was eight.  Getting geared up for my two year mark this Friday. Going to have some really good food, we found a restaraunt that makes way good fish and chips.

Other than that not much. I miss my guns. A lot.

Elder Galbreath (still has no idea when he is going home)
 (sorry they posted upside down)

                                                          teaching english

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