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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ity vehivavy ity dia miarehitra

So, Thursday was my one year in country. Actually Saturday was his one year mark but I won’t argue with him. No denying it now. I don't like talking about it before it happens, but I guess once it's past there's no point. So I went to Pizza for dinner, had a coke and sat and talked to Elder Kumar. 

Package hasn't showed up yet, no letters in a while. We had a full day of splits, caught ten lessons. It was a solid day, no extra fluff about it, just straight missionary work and then good food. I think that's how I want to remember my mission. Just working hard and getting stuff done. I think I am doing a pretty good job so far. Especially since I got done being trained and can actually hold my own in the mission. Elder Kumar and I are killing it here, we taught 41 lessons last week. Only one on Sunday and one on Monday, so that's an average of what, 8 times a day? I can live with that. Some people teach 8 lessons a week. So I am pretty happy with how much we are getting done here. I just wish it was in one branch and not two. But whatever. 

Saturday we had a party at the Branch President of Andranomanelatra's house. President Daniel. He made us way good chicken loaka, it was so good! Then we were basically done eating and there was a chicken head on the plate with all the meat. I told Elder Kumar I would give him 5000 if he ate it down to the bone. He is broke so he did it. Eyes, brain, everything. It was pretty nasty looking. He said it just tastes like chicken though. 

Not much interesting this week really. Just kind of getting by. Lots of work, not a lot of cool stuff.

Man I was on fire!  I would throw in a song lyric here but you wouldn't get it since it is a new song. (this was from my letter to him)
This girl is on fayeeeeeeer, this girl is on fayeeeeeeer. Malagasys love Alicia Keys. Nice try though. Good job on the likening and whatnot, way to go. You are burning it down, and you're not coming down. I like that kind of stuff. Physical activities with a deeper meaning. They are good stuff. 

As for the General Missionary Training broadcast, I haven't heard anything about it. I don't think we will get to watch that. I am glad you brought up the new member lessons! Yes, all ye members of the Church of Christ. Ye too are missionaries. You should be helping the missionaries teach recent converts. The new member lessons are the same as the investigator lessons, you just go a little more into depth and then teach a couple extra things. The idea of the lessons is to have a review for the converts, and to get the members involved in the recent convert's salvation. You should help! Have you gotten the new mission yet? Are the missionaries working hard? Do they just work in third ward or how are their boundaries? I bet it is nice to just be able to focus on missionary work and not have to train leaders or stop apostate stuff from going down in church. You should have them over and ask them all about their areas and work and make them tell you stories and then become their friends and if they work hard and are good missionaries then give them referrals. If they aren't, don't have them over any more. That's how the return missionary families are here. They ask how the work is going and if they think you do a good job they feed you and help you and give you referrals. If they don't you get to eat boiled noodles for dinner and go tracting. Good way to do it if you ask me. I work hard though so I am a little prejudiced towards their way. 

I am glad you liked the video, I was "mitoto katsaka" or crushing corn. Basically there was a bunch of dried out corn kernels in that big wood thing and I hit them with a stick until they are all broken. Then they can eat it or plant it or whatever. My pants were dirty from that, the dust and corn powder and everything. They are not usually that dirty. 

Whoo-hoo for zucchini! Gotta love veggies. 

 Let's see. New missionaries this week. 
Yep, a lot. Only one the bay though. 
Are you excited?  Have you gotten word yet on transfers?
Yeah got word. See Dad's email. 
How are your bikes holding up?
They are staying together. Still make it to Andranomanelatra every tuesday and Saturday so I guess pretty well. 
What is your best memory about scout camp?
Um, probably the relay we did one year at Camp Fife. We smoked the other troops. Destroyed them, except for one part of the relay where one of the other scouts fell so far behind we weren't even close to winning. 
Tell me a travelling story today.
We biked to Andranomanelatra, and we were super sweaty and tired when we got there. Cool story right? Any good travel stories are too dangerous to tell Mom. Sorry. That makes me a little nervous)
Did I tell you I got your letter?
You did not, glad you did though. I always wonder if they get there or not and how long it takes. So yeah. Thank you. 

We got transfers last night. Exciting news is I am District Leader, so more responsibility there. Also, our area is not splitting, or changing at all. We almost got the car so we could get more done in Andranomanelatra, but that got changed this morning.
Big news is baptism on Saturday! Two converts and three eight year old kids who all asked me to baptize them. Pretty cool stuff. One of the converts is being baptized by her son but I am doing the other one too. So my first time baptizing someone! So excited. Then another one next week, two converts in Mahazoarivo. Way cool stuff. 

That's all for the week I think. Just working hard. Got a huge group of missionaries, two american sisters. They are both in Tana so I don't meet them for a while. Maybe never. 
Well, I gotta run. People to teach and parties to crash. 

Love you,
Elder Galbreath

                                          It's the birthday girl!
                                                 The district.

                                             New suit, love the red!
                                             Traditional malagasy shirt
                                                  Garrett and some cute kids!!

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