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Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

There is no way to say that in Malagasy, sorry. Happy anniversary though, 24 years is a long time. Good job. Haha not sure what else to say but I love you both. 
Sorry this email is going to be kind of lame, but last weeks was really good so it works out. 
5 lessons on the priesthood is hard? Come on now, there is literally four hours straight every year of general authorities talking about the priesthood. You can do it, I have faith in you. I do like the game idea though, use the Doctrine and Covenants, there is a lot of detail in that. Also if you can get your hands on a copy of the Handbook 2 for leaders in the church, there is a lot of good stuff in there. 
You know Dad, I am starting to think that maybe doctors know what they are doing. Not here though, I'll wait until I get stateside to go to a doctor for anything less than life threatening. 
The toyota looks good, and it sounds like a solid family car. Whoo hoo for the Jeep! Hopefully this one likes Wyatt more than the last car he inherited... I am glad the daisies came off though. As for the debate, I think those are both solid ideas. Leave a couple little daisies around the door frame or something, maybe just one even on the drivers side. I also agree wholeheartedly with the ideas Wyatt had. Sub and amp away, and get those lights working. The more you do to it now the less I have to worry about when I get home. However, I would like to throw this out there real quick, when I left all the lights worked on the car I left behind and the sound was excellent. Maybe Dan is still trying to get rid of the two subs he had in his garage, but they might be long gone already. Also I would like to declare now my intention to fly proudly a Malagasy flag on the back of that thing all summer. 

Any locusts yet.  Everyone here is excited to know how they taste.
Still no, but I guarantee you I will tell you as soon as I get the chance to eat them. 
Any pictures this week?
Unfortunately no, my card reader broke but I am going to get a new one today and hopefully I will be able to send you pictures next week. 
Farthest bike ride this week?  How is your bike holding up.
I rode to Andranomanelatra and back, about 25 kilometers. MY bike is doing alright, it's an uphill battle to keep it running smooth but I am smarter than it is so I am winning, for now. 
Are your investigators still progressing?
Yeah, we had to push back a baptism because of district activities and stuff so the next baptism will be on the 29th of June. In Andranomanelatra, baptizing two people who are among the last members of their family to join the church, but they are both really diligent. 
First base or catcher?
I am gonna go catcher on this one. Ideally you know where the pitches are coming, and you do the malagasy squat all day. So that's a bonus there. 
Soccer or American Football?
American Football all the way. I still don't like soccer that much. I might take rugby over football though, it would be close for sure. 
Pharoahs daughter (Moses' adopted mom) or Sara (Isaacs' mom)
Hmm. Just for pure charity sake I am gonna go with Moses' mom on this one. She grabbed a little kid, exactly the people her dad was straight murdering at that time, and raised him as her own. Gave him a good life, and also through some cleverness of Moses' sister his real mom was able to nurse him and stuff. 

Only cool thing is yesterday I had all the people that had been baptized in the last year write their names and bap dates on a piece of paper in Andranomanelatra along with anyone that got baptized the same day and wasn't there. Went home and compared it to the records of the church for the branch, and we had about 30 new names. So that's fun, people slack on paperwork and it makes a headache for us. 
So, I don't know too much this week. My suit should be done before the next email so I can send you some pictures! The material is pretty nice so it should be good. 

I love you, be good.
Elder Galbreath

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