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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving time!


Hello party people.

So, this week not too much interesting really and this cyber blows so no pictures. I won't be coming back to this one.

We did have a general stake conference this last weekend, and that was pretty cool. I'm sure the talks were really good, D. Todd Christopherson and President Monson both spoke so they were bound to be. However, we only got to watch it in Malagasy so I didn't get it. I'm sure it was great though.

We also started coming up with better ways to entertain ourselves. We invented new ways to play chess. We played a way where you win by killing all the opponents’ pieces, and kings move two squares instead of one. We played a game where pawns are regular, but every other piece is a knight, and you win by killing both their actual knights.  Pretty interesting.

We started teaching a new family this week too, a family with three daughters.  They are really cool, and two of the daughters even came to church after only two lessons! So awesome. They ask a ton of questions too, which is awesome because that means they are trying to understand but I get left out of most of the lesson because I don't know what they are asking or how to answer it. So that makes for some interesting lessons. But, they are learning so no complaints there.

It rained really hard all day yesterday, like to the point where my feet were wet from the soaking of my socks from my pants. Crazy. So I started stomping puddles on McLaughlin haha but it was good, our house got hit by lightning too. We weren't home but Elder Austin and Walker were so that's freaky. I guess all the lights flashed on even though none of the switches were on. Nuts! But anyway.

I bought a UW hat today.
What? Who is this boy?
I saw it on the street and couldn't resist. It's pretty cool, and I will rock while I am in Africa but I will probably leave it here haha I can't wear it in America. Like I said no pictures this week. Darn cyber. Next week though!

Happy thanksgiving everyone, remember what you are thankful for. Hold your family close, think about everyone that has sacrificed, no matter how great or small the sacrifice, so that you can have what you do. I love you all, and I think about you often. Now go eat some turkey. Next week is Christmastime!

Elder Galbreath

Q and A

I cut my fingers twice in the past week.

Nice! You should stop doing that. I only cut myself once so far here though, and it was on the handle of the gate of our own home. Just a little one though, and I drowned it in alcohol so no infection either.

Anything in particular you would like shared at the family table on Thanksgiving?
Just make sure that everyone knows how thankful I am for them, and for the opportunity I had to be raised in the church. Make sure they truly appreciate the mounds of food that is safe to eat and isn't on rice, and tell them that I love them all. I won't see them next year either, but I will be there in two, and I will have some great stories.

Mom keeps putting together these awesome packages. Would you like anything from Wyatt and I?
Hmm, I don't know for sure. I would take whatever you sent haha but don't feel obligated. Candy is appreciated, but not a big deal. A cake mix would be great though, I can buy everything but the mix. I don't know what else. Something manly, except for dirt. I have lots of that here. Everywhere in fact.

 Hey look!! Squirrel!
Where?!?! Crap, you got me.

So I bought a turkey and Sunday we will have our own meal so we can have leftovers. I wish I could send you a meal too.
That would be nice. We are considering buying a turkey. Guess who the most experienced animal killer is in the house too. Yep, me.  Blood and guts Galbreath. So I will be killing it if that goes down.

So speaking of Thanksgiving here are your questions of the week.

What would be your thankful thought for around the table? I will tell you mine at the end of the letter.
I told Dad a little bit but since you asked too I will think some more. I am thankful for goodhearted people, who have a sincere desire to do what is right. I am thankful for a home with electricity and a functional family. Woo Hoo he thinks we are functional!! I am thankful for a mother who would make food for me, and a father who is always there for me. I am thankful for a brother that makes good decisions, and knows what is right. I am thankful for cousins and uncles and aunts that love me and for grandparents that love me, are still sane, and still have all their teeth. I am thankful overall for our loving Heavenly Father who gave me all of these things. I am thankful for this opportunity I have to
bring others unto Christ in Madagascar, and for the wonderful people I get to meet that go without all the things I am thankful for. I love you all so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

When are transfers? Will Mclaughlan die with you?
He is probably going to die in Itaosy, but maybe not with me. Transfers are next Saturday or Sunday so I will find out what is going on for sure then.

How do you get your appointments? tracting of referrals?
A little bit of both. Lots of contacting, but referrals are ideal. Referrals want to learn. It is literally as easy as asking to get into people house and teach a time but we are trying to find people that are interested, and we are looking for people who can become church leaders. We are looking for fathers who have something going on in their lives.  It's what the church needs here. It's also the hardest people to find and teach. Literally I say hello to people that lean out their windows or just sit on their porch and they are like "come in! We need to pray" but they will rarely make the effort to come to church.

Can you wear belt buckles? You could be the Celie Booth of missionaries.
Maybe, but that's not within appropriate mission guidelines. I will last two years without being a rebel. After that though, forget about it haha.

How are your garments and white shirts holding up in the laundry?
They are good. No troubles so far.

Did you like the bacon bits? You can add them to your eggs or whatever.
I do, I haven't used them yet but I hadn't thought of the eggs thing. I'll try that in the morning. Good call mom.

And lastly ingredients. What do you have to cook with so I can send you some recipes you can use.

Hmm, I have a lot of stuff. Anything asian is gettable here, and anything fruit or vegetable is everywhere. Sugar, flour, salt, no problem.  A lot of seasoning other than that is hard to find. I don't know what else really.

Thanks mom! Love you.

Elder Galbreath

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