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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

How was thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving was pretty good, not too much special really. We taught a bunch of people, had some mofo balls (easily the greatest thing this country has to offer) and we went to a members house and they made us chicken  and potatoes. I ate potatoes until I felt like puking and then I ate three more! I almost felt like I was home again. They are a really cool family though so I was happy to be there. 
Did you eat with investigators or with the elders?
Members, see number 1
Coolest part of the week?
Probably decorating for Christmas dude! I got to wear my santa hat and pump some Nat King Cole Christmas music that one of the elders had on their iPod. It was dope. 
    Two of the Elders in his house mention Garrett’s excitement and love of Christmas.
     He is my son.

Best part of being an elder in Madagascar?
You get to tell people you went to Madagascar. The stuff is way cheap, and you get to experience diarrhea for two straight years.   
Best transformer in your opinion?
Hmm, probably gonna go with Optimus Prime. Bumblebee is a close second but well, his name is bumble bee.
Best transformer ever.
Easily the bad guy that wipes out Optimus. To be number one you beat the best. He did.
Did you set up Christmas stuff up in your apartment/living space.
Sure did! Working on pictures. 

So, the cousins sound like they are doing great haha  I got a few dear elders from Chase and Eliza . By a few I mean one every day last week from Chase and two from Eliza. Pretty dope haha. Eliza is getting pretty tall huh? She will stop growing pretty young though so you shouldn't have too much to worry about. Most girls stop growing at about 16 or 17.
Anyway, I heard you slept in and had a crappy day of hunting. Sounds like a memory to me. I hope that the pictures of Christmas are of you directly after hunting and you haven't gone back to wearing all green clothes.  Dude, you are getting huge. Dad says you are strong like bull. I am gonna go with Zebu. Those things are massive. 

Well, I sent that one before I was done. But yeah,  Zebu. Pronounced Zay-boo. Do it right.  New nickname for you (Wyatt that is). I'll get you a shirt made. No charge. I went Christmas shopping for the other Elders today, got some sick stuff for everyone. Think of something that would be the coolest in croc skin or snake skin and tell me, I can probably get it made. I found a lady that makes legit croc skin shoes. From crocodiles. Yeah. They are expensive though, like 150 dollars american. That's ridiculous amounts of money in Mada by the way. Ridiculous. Worth it though, end of my mission I am hitting her up. There is so much sick stuff here dude. And cheap! Awesome. But yeah, I gotta email everyone else too. 

McLauchlin goes home January ninth, which is the time of the next transfer. So I will be in Itaosy for approximately forever. Yay... 
I am very proud of you for wearing a UW hat.  I knew you had it in you.  Wyatt is not sure how he feels about you wearing it though.
I just think of it as a Washington hat. 
So now you can tell me about your week.
Nothing too interesting really, I will see what I can come up with though.
How are your towels working?  Have you tried the camping ones or just the regular ones. 
I'm just using the camping ones, they are working great. Dry me right off every time I use them. It's great!
How are your investigators doing?
Interesting  really. We had 12 people committed to baptism for the 8 of Dec and only one is going to make it. People here are just lazy with religion. They have told us they know it is true, they just won't come to church. It's maddening. Both the people from the last baptism haven't come to church for three weeks, hello inactive status! But, the lady that is ready is way diligent so I am excited for her! 
I know you always worry about your language skills but honestly without being too critical on yourself how are you doing?  What are you doing to be better?  
Praying a lot, we talk a lot in Malagasy, I read from the bom every day in malagasy , and write down every word I hear I don't understand. It's a lot of words. I am doing ok. I am pretty good at reading, but understanding people is still super hard so I can't teach to needs which I hate. 
I love your stories about the people in Mada.  Sorry you are so cute that the ladies find you edible.  Are the kids nicer to you now that they see you often?  The candy canes can be used to bribe them to be good. 
No way, I share the candy canes with the other missionaries.
Tell me about your Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving was just a standard day but dinner was pretty good, I told Wyatt a lot about it. This member that we have dinner with fairly often is a way good cook and she made us delicious chicken and potatoes for dinner. Pretty delicious. 

Alright, well I have done basically all my Christmas shopping. So I should be good there, but I might be pulling out like 10,000 this week for food. Also the money that Elder Austin needs for stuff is like 50,000 I think so like 25 dollars. If you could just make sure that is there I would appreciate it. So would he haha. 

I love you mom. A whole bunch. Don't forget about me over here, I am gonna call you in less than a month so you better be ready! Oh believe me we are ready I love you mom. 

Big spirit hugs from the future. 
Love you
Elder Galbreath

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