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Monday, February 9, 2015

This week happened

That's pretty much all I can say for it. 

Mom's questions first

Investigators are coming along. We taught this way awesome family last night named F and E, they have three kids. They are the sickest people in the world. We were teaching them about the restoration yesterday and gave them a Book of Mormon. They were legitimately flabergasted when we gave it to them. They were like "this book would cost like 50 thousand ariary probably, and you are just giving it to us for free. We are going to read this." I was like oh yeah, uh huh, go spirit, it's your birthday. So we are way pumped about them. Everyone else is kind of decent. We have a lot of people that could be incredible progressing investigators but we haven't been able to catch them in like two weeks and so it's hard to help them progress. But we are keeping our heads up and staying focussed. 

Yes I am sure I want grandpa scriptures, I like the margins to be big. I have developed a cross-reference writing habit that really helps me see connections and understand scriptures. I don't really care what color, I liked my maroon ones so I guess that's a good option. Not blue. I don't dig that. 

An iPhone is great. Something I can put the gospel library and conference talks and stuff on. 

Whichever week they want me to speak on works for me, and I don't really care where I do it. I really am pretty chill about all that. In case you didn't notice. 

Dad's questions

*means I am saying it in my "poor wyatt" voice
*I can't imagine only speaking your mission language all the time. That would just be so terrible.* At least he has an easy language. 

Well that's all for questions. 
So this week was pretty mediocre, as I am sure you could tell. We had a couple good lessons, but nothing special other than the time yesterday. Had interviews with President Adams on Saturday, he basically just told me to keep up the good work and he would talk to me about the future when I have my exit interview. Then we talked business. Not interesting to you guys. 

Purposely leaving out comments to keep you focused on my mission. 

A couple websites I have found that have good reading material on them. One is called fairmormon.org. Way good website, kind of like an anti-anti-mormon website. Another one is called mormonperspectives.com. Website where from what I can tell very intelligent mormon people write essays and commentary on life in general and subjects. Could be way off but I looked it up because an essay on it was referenced in the Liahona. By the way, have you guys read the March Ensign? Way good article by Elder Oaks. Check it out. Then read an article called "Religion is the foundation of democracy and prosperity" on that mormonperspectives site. Way good, written by Clayton Christensen. Just stay out of the comments on that site. 

We had a soiree with a member family on Saturday, and they gave us all the parts of the chicken that are not to be eaten. There was the liver, the heart, lungs, other organs, and there was also a boiled head, boiled feet, the intestines, and some stuff that was unidentifiable. So we had about a liter and a half of coke after that one. At least the broth was good. Pictures in the bucket.

The only other thing I am going to request and I am making it now because I thought of it. We need a temple session like within a week of me getting home. 

Got a package from Grandma this week. Some way nice ties, beautiful socks for the plane ride home, and a little Washington that they had to have received from a Washington wheat growers thing. 

I love you guys a ton. I am gracefully bull rushing the end of my mission head first eyes closed. 

Elder Galbreath

Last week:
I can't believe they threw into coverage with 1 yard seperating them from a second super bowl title in a row. Good call Carrol.
Alright now that that is out of the way.

Well in general this week was disappointing, I suppose it's only fitting that the Seahawks lost too. We just didn't have anything go right all day. Literally nothing happened that was a positive thing. Except maybe finding out that a bunch of members have drinking problems. So we have one entire day that we are going to be spending in one neighborhood visiting members.
Saturdays are gonna be awesome.
On the bright side we got transfer news last night and I will be staying right here to finish up my mission. I am going to spend my last six weeks with Elder Fox here in Antsirabe. I am very very happy to do that. So here
we go, last transfer. I don't think about it often. I am gonna be really really sad to leave this place.
I really don't know what else is going on this week. This coming week is gonna be sick. I can feel it.
I love you guys a ton, and I hope that you are all doing well.
Elder Galbreath (is much too close to going home)

I do have a basic wish list for when I get home. I don't know if you want to get any of this now or I can just do it when I get home. 

I need a new set of scriptures. I want a separate set, not a quad, the 2013 edition in grandpa size. Along with that I would like whatever the smallest count of those twistable colored pencils is for marking them. 

I would like a smart phone (iPhone, windows phone, whatever) with the gospel library app on it. This is probably something I can do myself, but yeah. 

That's all I have got. Just trying to stay active haha 

Elder Galbreath

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