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Monday, November 3, 2014

March 19th!!

I am not sure if that is the day I leave Mada or the day I get there. 

The days are getting longer here and the rain is just beginning. Going to have to start carrying my rain jacket every day. 

I am pretty far from any lemur parks. I would love to go back but I don't think I will have the opportunity to. Life goes on. 

Well this week was exciting, we went and did our zone leader thing in Ambositra and Fianarantsoa. So Tuesday morning we left at 8 and drove all morning to Ambositra. Went on splits there, nothing too exciting. I almost have all the shopping for cousins done. Tea set in the bucket is for either Zoe or Saige, whichever you think would like it more. Hand carved, fully functioning, every cup and pot is one solid piece of wood. No glue or nails involved. Pretty legit. 

Wednesday morning we left about 7 and drove to Fianarantsoa. That road is terrible. So many potholes we seriously crawled most of the way. We got there about lunch time and ate and then went out with the missionaries there. I went with Elder Garcia and Elder Glazier. They are very new still and Elder Garcia is training Elder Glazier. I expected a pretty bad day to be honest but they surprised me. Those two elders know how to work hard. They were really clear when they taught, they were bold and loving and honestly they have the best stats in the zone right now. Two home runs right there. The next day I went with Elder Lehr and his kid, Elder Mack. Another awesome day. Elder Mack is from Hawaii, via Utah. Way cool guy, a little quiet but has picked up the language really well already. 

Friday we spent all day driving home. 

Saturday we finally got some missionary work done, including teaching a less active guy named Fafa. He plays rugby on the Antsirabe team. Hence his less activeness, he is always playing rugby on Sunday. But, spoiler alert, he came to church yesterday. Awesome! I was so happy to see him there. He is a super cool guy, and his family is way diligent.  

Sundays are always difficult  and yesterday all our lessons fell through, branch council ran long, and it rained way hard. And it was fast Sunday. So it was a rough day of contacting and nobody listening. In the rain. 

Today is p-day. I went to the doctor this morning to see about getting my huge nasty cyst removed from the back of my ear. I am going back at 2 to get that done. 

That's pretty much all I have got.
I knew the hawks could do it, even if it was just the Raiders. 

Love you a ton,

Elder Galbreath

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