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Monday, October 6, 2014

Here we are again!

Well, I am back. I am companions with Elder Schroedter and Elder Arrieus. I think Elder Schroedter is going to be bouncing this week though because a missionary is going home. So we think he is going to go replace him somewhere. Our house is way super nice though. I have been told it is the nicest house in the mission and I am inclined to believe it. I live with my  comps, Elder Bowler and Elder Andriamanganoro, and Elder Cartmill with Elder Rasmussen. Elder Rasmussen is really tall. Taller than me I think. Only a little. He is a ginger though so it's whatever. I get along well with Elder Arrieus Yep. 

Christmas package. As far as desires go, drink mixes are great. Good looking thinner ties are always a win. Socks. Can't go wrong with socks. Beef jerky. I don't really know what else, some good christmas music. Cd, usb, sd card, whatever format works. My comp that will be here at Christmas time is Elder Arrieus, who is about my width but he goes home the week before Christmas. So I don't really know who my comp will be or what size they will be. Sorry. Oh, peppermint bark. Good chocolate in general actually. Even like a hershey's bar. No chocolate oranges though, as much as I want to enjoy them I just don't. 

So transfers. Starting at the 0 hours of sleep I got after the call that I was coming back to Antsirabe. Went out to work on Monday, and Tuesday. Said goodbye to everyone, realized how much I actually like the people there. Then Wednesday morning bright and early I said goodbye to my only son and got on a bus to Tana. We went way too freaking fast and I threw up twice. Our driver was crazy, going like 120 kph on a super windy road and passing semi trucks and stuff. Nuts. Then we got to Tana. I was supposed to go on splits with the elders in Betongolo, but they took off without saying anything and when we tried to get ahold of them they were about to start a lesson. So I was hanging out with the APs and killing time. Talking to the new group that came in, and then it was time for them to go upstairs and have dinner with Pres Adams. Well I didn't have a companion so Elder Fox (AP)  tells me to just go with them up to eat. So I follow all of them up there, Elder Fox explains what happened to Pres Adams. He says "Well, poor Elder Galbreath is going to have to eat with us now" Oh darn. It's like if you showed up at Grandma's house and she was like, "Poor Carlyn is going to have to help us eat this (insert favorite food here). I wasn't going to object. Next day I got on a bus in the morning to Antsirabe and off we went. I was in the least comfortable seat ever. My legs were asleep before we made it out of town. So that was great. But eventually we made it. Got here, Elder Arrieus picked me up from the bus stop. That night we went back out to Andranomanelatra. I went straight to Pres Daniel's house and saw them. Oh my gosh I have never been so excited to see someone outside my immediate family. They were so excited too. The little girl ran out and jumped on me, they were all so happy to see me and I was so happy to see them. Oh man. Even just thinking about it makes me excited again. I am going on splits out there tomorrow. Pumped to see everyone again. I am not in the same area I was in before, but Antsirabe is a way small town so I see lots of people I know all the time. The district president and our branch president are both from my old branch, and my bros. I love this place. My area is less than perfect. It's not actually going very well at all. But that has never slowed me down before so why start now? I am just super excited to be back here. 

Yep. That's pretty much all I got this week. 

Love you guys a ton.

Elder Galbreath

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