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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Manahirana kely izany

You are right. I have been in Tamatave for a long time. It's wearing me down. Everything gets old after a while. I don't know. Just working hard, trying to do my best to find new people and get the ones we have to baptism. 

Speaking of baptism, we should have one of those next week! On the 27th there should be three people getting baptized. One of them is a guy that we tracted into literally like the second hour I was working in Morarano. His name is C. He is so cool, comes to church every week and just way excited about the gospel and baptism. He is 20, so that is way cool. We need more youth in the church. But he is way cool and I am excited for his baptism. The other people have been learning from the missionaries for a few years and just couldn't get their marriage papers done. It is really difficult sometimes to get that done here, especially if you are poor. But they finally got it done and so now there is nothing holding them back from baptism. So I am really excited for them. 

This week me and Elder Yeagley went tracting quite a bit. Actually we went tracting a lot. It wasn't tremendous amounts of fun but we found a pretty solid number of people to teach. So we have a nice full schedule this week but how many of the people will actually be there is anyone's guess. Then next week we will be tracting a lot again. Pretty fun little cycle. 

We have a member here, name is F, who is a national champ marathon runner, in the southeast regional rugby 7s team, speaks english like a champ (served in Johannesberg) and is a genius. And he plays soccer way well. He teaches math and english to kids trying to graduate. He is stud. And he is a good looking dude too. It's not really fair. Point of the story is he helps us a lot and Saturday we had a branch activity where we were going to be playing soccer against one of the other branches. It started at eight. So at seven thirty we met him at the church so he could show us where the heck we were even going. So we get there about eight, and we are the only ones there. We did some rugby passes with coconuts for a while, then just ended up sitting in the shade talking about the different parts of Madagascar. So at eight forty five someone else shows up with a ball, and at nine a few young men came so we had enough to play a little game of four on four. We did that for a while, my team lost. Then we called it a day at about ten. Nobody from the other branch even showed up. Turns out they were going on a party bus thing so they cancelled the activity on friday night. Phone trees are not a thing here so the only people that knew where the elder's quorum president and the other branch. Probably a good thing though because we didn't even have enough people to play a full game.  

Yep. Not a whole lot else to talk about this week. Gonna be going on splits this week so hopefully there will be a couple interesting stories from that. 

Love you a ton mom,

Elder Galbreath 5.0
                                            The edge of the soccer field is a dump
                                            Soccer field
                                           Garbage is everywhere.
                                         ready for soccer

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