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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I finally saw a Lemur!

Sorry, no pictures. This cyber won't let me use my card.

I am rushing this email, sorry, we have a time in 15 minutes and I just got to start my email due to a lack of busses and taxis. Thank goodness for members going home from work!

I'm glad you guys enjoyed DMB weekend, it sounds like it didn't go horrible. Wy saying it was like working at cheers made me laugh pretty hard too. ( Wyatt commented that the change aprons we wore reminded him of the ones they wear on the tv show Cheers)
 We went to the zoo today! It was sick, a bunch of guys tipped the lemur caretaker and got to go inside the cage and lemurs were all over them, but I was chasing my companion so we didn't get to do that. Oh well, good thing I have two years left here to bribe people for lemurs.
 Last Monday I bought a drum.(That didn’t take long!) It's way cool and super fun when I have time to play it, but I will be getting a cooler one to bring home. Sorry this is a short one, love you all a bunch! (Boy he wasn't kidding this was very short.  Good thing we know he is busy.  Still love him)

Elder Galbreath ny fahadimy

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